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June 1, 2015 ~ Waxing Moon in Sagittarius

Hawaiian Moon Phase ~ Akua

Ka mahina, he ali'i wahine no ka po.
The Moon is the Chiefess of the night.

Hawaiian Word of the June Akua Mahina/Moon: Ahupua'a

: Land division usually extending from the mauka/uplands to the makai/sea. These carefully tended living and food producing regions sustained the kanaka/people as the wai/fresh water flowed from the rain, down the mountains through wailele/waterfalls, rivers, and streams through the kula/plains and back to the makai/ocean.

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

She is nearly Full, Aunty Akua Moon. As Her belly grows rounder, She rests in the night sky, bright and close enough for each of us to touch. Her light shines on our faces, making them glow like pearls. On this night, like many others, we sit at Her feet, listening to Her stories. Tonight Her body is bare. She has shed Her skirts, Her blankets, Her cozy coverings. She doesn't speak, but Her stories abound. We see them on Her body. We see the Sun rise and set for generations. We see life Spring forth. We see life returning to the body of the Earth. We see the ahupua'a, living and thriving, water flowing, food growing, plants being harvested, and offerings being made at altars. We see every persons' needs being met. We hear laughter, prayer, stories being told, and people loving the bodies of one another. In Her body, everything is clear. In Her body, everything is possible.

Happy Birthday to our Gemini Sisters!

Flowers & Sisterhood on Lei Day

The Sun shone down upon the shoulders and faces of womyn gathered to honor Laka, the Hawaiian Goddess of Hula and the Forest, as well as Kahuna Leilani's Birthday, and Lei Day. The plants of the islands and the San Francisco Bay Area danced together on the altar: ti leaves, lush ferns, velvety roses, delicate maples, hearty buckeye, and silky scented tuberose ~ so abundant and gorgeous. Soon these plants and many others were in the hands of womyn creating Haku Leis in community. As Sisters visited and shared stories, they made a series of small sachet bouquets and tied them onto the haku lei, slowly and steadily. This craft tickles the senses. The flowers seduced us with their fragrances and astonished us with their strength as we tied and maneuvered them. One by one, womyn finished their creations and place their haku leis upon their heads. There in the setting Sun, flowers atop our heads, we danced Hula with Laka and one another, smiling and feeling the Goddess fully in each movement that we made.

Upcoming Open Rituals

We invite you to the altar of She of Ten Thousand Names as we begin our new series! These Circles are open to every womyn! Schedule Sacred Ritual Time into your Summer Schedule!!

Tuesday, June 2nd, Celebrate Juno, Roman Goddess of Family and Marriage and one of our Temple Sacred Flames.

Saturday, June 20th, Celebrate Summer Solstice and Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and one of our Temple Sacred Flames.

Thursday, July 9th, Celebrate Aine, Celtic Goddess of Summer and Sovereignty.

Friday, July 31st, Celebrate Lunar Lammas and Mastor-Ava, Finno-Urgic Earth Mother and Goddess of Agriculture, Earth/Nature, and Health/Healing.

It's a Book Party! Come One, Come All!

As you know, our Kahuna Leilani and elder Chief Luisah Teish have written a wonderful book called On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Lands. Born of 30 years of their experiences as womyn of color, of spirit, and of ritual, they offer this book of guidelines and protocols to heal our relationships with Sacred Lands and with each other. Join us for a Book Party on the evening of August 7, 2015 at Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California with both authors. These opportunities are rare learning events when we get to sit with both of our elders and listen to their wonderful insights.

If you would like to purchase On Holy Ground, you can do so in our shop!

Tithing to our Elders: Chief Luisah Teish and
High Guardian Priestess Patrice

We continue to keep our elders at Center, making special arrangements to donate money to them whenever we can. We offer monetary donations to them for all that they have given to us for the entirety of their careers as Spirit Womyn. For Patrice, we offer assistance with her continuing dental work, that we may help save her beautiful smile! For Teish we offer assistance with her shelter so that she can find a comfortable and nourishing, as well as stable living space as she continues into her elder years. As a community we care for our young ones and our elders, as well as all of those in between, giving what we can and sharing our abundance in whatever ways come forth!

Save the Date for Spiral Dance 2015!

This year our Annual Womyn's Spiral Dance celebrating the Ancestors and the Crones will be held at the Orinda Masonic Temple on Friday, October 23, 2015. We look so forward to looking into the eyes of our Goddess Sisters as we Dance the Spiral Dance! It is never too soon to buy your advance tickets for $23 and it brings great delight to the Ticket Team to begin visioning the evening. If you are a Crafting Creatrix and would like to be a vendor at Spiral Dance, please contact us and our Vendoring Liaison, Debi will send you all of the vendoring information. We are the fire burning bright!

Daughters of Diana Gathering 2015

We invite you to join other womyn from our Temple as we make a pilgrimage to Southern California for the Daughters of Diana Gathering 2015 from October 29 ~ November 1, 2015 to celebrate Hallows together in Sacred Space with our elders Ruth, Falcon, and many others! This is a very special opportunity for each of us to circle with our elders: those who have taught us with their books, their music, and their magickal spells. The following is an excerpt from the DoD website about the event:

Make magic and meaningful fun in sacred play with your sisters in the mountains about 90 miles east of Los Angeles. Come dance and drum under the harvest moon, sing in sacred circle, walk the labyrinth, shoot Archery, listen to Goddess music and poetry by candlelight, and create ritual art, as we affirm our Sacred Selves and celebrate the sabbat of Hallows in community ritual.

The Daughters of Diana Gathering is a Goddess and female-centered retreat that has been held for several years in Wisconsin. We are thrilled to now bring this wonderful gathering to southern California in 2015!”

For more information about the Gathering and to register, please go to the following website:

Devotion and Delight! The Aloha Scholarship

Devotion and delight! These are just two things that we are endeavoring to foster in our community! One way that we are doing this is to create a scholarship for those who wish to attend the Daughters of Diana Gathering but may not have the finances to bring this pilgrimage fully into creation for themselves.

There are several ways that you can be a part of this project. You can purchase any of our Sister Created Scholarship Gift Sets which include one of a kind items made by members of our Temple. Each set contains a gorgeously decorated novena by our Temple Priestess and Artist Kealoha with her original artwork, a luscious hair flower created by our Temple Dedicant and long time Kokua Member Janelle with flowers purchased from O'ahu, and luxurious hand crafted bath salts created by our Witch School Graduate and herbal intuitive Cassandra! These hand wrapped gift sets make a wonderful gift to ourselves and others, while also helping a Sister manifest the Sacred Pilgrimage to the Dianic Gathering to be with Her elders!

If you would prefer to make a donation to the Scholarship fund without purchasing a Sister Created Scholarship Gift Set you are welcome to do so!

If you are a Sister in our community who would like to apply for a scholarship, please send an application letter to Kahuna Leilani and you will be added to the applicant list!

Let's pitch in and help our Sisters manifest this amazing and life-changing experience!

Daughters of the Goddess 20th Anniversary

As 2016 fast approaches, we have begun planning the Temple's 20th Anniversary celebratory activities! Many lovely ideas are coming forth and we want to share a few of them with you! First, we are feeling the call of Sekhmet and believe that Spring 2016 will be a perfect time for our next Temple Pilgrimage to the Sekhmet Temple in the Mojave Desert. Please let us know if you share an interest or feel the calling to make this Pilgrimage with us.

The 20th Anniversary also brings the opportunity for us to welcome our elder Kahuna Pahia to the San Francisco Bay Area from the Hawaiian Islands! For several years we have contemplated this Sacred Opportunity and we feel that Spirit is saying yes to this time and place. We will be announcing more about Her visit, workshops, and rituals as the anniversary gets closer!

Temple Tending!

Temple Tending comes in a variety of sizes and shapes! Just like our homes and places of business, the continued sustenance of the Temple comes from us ~ Her community! Next time you are at the store, perhaps you can consider getting some Temple supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, or dish soap! Cat food is also a helpful item, as many feral cats have taken refuge at the Temple Townhouse and require care and maintenance, as well as love!

If you have time to share of your muscles, please join us in preparing the Temple for ritual by cleaning a bit! The Kokua Members rotate monthly to offer physical support through our cleaning, altar tending, and helping in any way that Patrice and Kealoha may need to keep the Temple space up and running smoothly!

Daughters of the Goddess on Facebook!

We have a growing and thriving Facebook community which allows us to create connections with womyn all over the world! If you participate in Facebook and would like to join our Daughters of the Goddess group, just ask to add! It is a fun way to keep in touch, keep abreast of Temple events, and to visit with other Witchy womyn!

Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter

The Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter contains a letter from Leilani and our ritual schedule for the coming series. It is published and mailed via regular U.S. mail twice per year in September and March on the Equinoxes. The newsletter is also posted on the DG website! If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive our Spring newsletter, please contact us and we will see to it that you are added! Also, if you are receiving the Newsletter through the U.S. mail and would prefer that we e-mail it to you, we can certainly make that change!

Offerings from our Priestesses:

Readings and Consultations
Our Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani is available to conduct private readings and consultations for the womyn of our community. If you feel that you would like to supplement your ritual experience with more insight, a reading with Leilani is
highly recommended. Please contact Leilani.

Website Design
Our High Guardian Priestess Patrice, in partnership with Daughters of the
Goddess, offers website creation and maintenance services, specializing in
Spiritual sites. If you are interested in having your own website, or have one
that you need maintained or updated, please contact Patrice for more indormation.

Praise and Thanks to our Kupuna/Elders, Source, Tradition

We would like to offer praise and thanks to Mary Kawena Pukui for the Hawaiian Dictionary and Kamehameha Publishing who offer invaluable insights into the Hawaiian Mahina/Moon calendar through their extensive website These resources are offered in service/lawelawe to each of us by those that lawelawe/tend to the sacred herstory of Indigenous Hawaiians and for this we are blessed.

In Closing

May the blessed goodness and sustainability of the ahupua'a thrive in our hearts. May it educate us about community, sharing, and caring for the land and the water that nourishes ourselves and all living things. May we understand the ahupua'a mauka/toward the mountains/upland and makai/toward the sea/seaward. We are all one and with ease and gentleness, we thrive.

Blessed Be!

For more information about anything that you have read here,
please contact us!


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