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December 10, 2014 - Waning Moon in Leo

Hawaiian Moon Phase: La’au Pau


Hawaiian Word of the December La’au Pau Moon: Lawelawe

Meaning: To serve, work for, minister to, tend, attend to,
perform, serve, and tend to.

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

She has been very bright this cycle and larger than we remember Her ever being before. Even tonight as She wanes, She is nui/grand and nani/splendid. Her light illuminates every face it touches, every building, every nocturnal animal, and every leaf still holding earnestly to its tree. In Her presence, we know the mysteries of our lineage and we feel our completeness. She inspires us to create. She listens to our ideas and encourages us to elaborate, to dream big. In Her eyes we are makamae/precious. She gently strokes our hair like our Mothers once did, perhaps tucking a little behind our ears so She can see our faces better. In that moment, She blesses us with a simultaneous vision of ourselves as child, maiden, mother, and crone. Everything we've ever wondered about makes sense and in our hearts we are holo'oko'a/whole.

Happy Birthday to our Sagittarius Sisters!

The Winter Crone

Upon the altar was a stone mountain, as tall as the sky and touching the clouds. At the base sat Her daughters, calling Her name, reclaiming Beira, our Grandmother, the Crone, from the patriarchal slander that had reduced Her to ugly, meaningless, rambling, and unnecessary in Western culture. As the energy rises, we see Her clearly before us: hair white, jewelry gorgeous, clothes smelling of the rich, slow cooked, savory foods of our elders and ancestors. We drum and sing songs to Her of gratitude for Her wisdom. She dances, carefully and with a grace that we have never witnessed before. We tell Her, "We see you and you are magnificent! We value you! We need you. In our own time, we know that we will be like you!" Beira is pleased to be seen by these daughters and mothers. She blesses each womyn's stone and as snow falls and temperatures drop, She welcomes us into Her cave for a hearty stew and a long rest under Her warm blanket. She sings us to sleep.

Upcoming Open Rituals

We invite you, beckon you really, to these rituals, open to all womyn! Join the Circle!

Sunday, December 21. Celebrate Winter Solstice and Lucina, Scandinavian Goddess of Light Returning.

Monday, January 5. Celebrate Haumea, Hawaiian Earth Mother.

Monday, February 16. Our annual Temple Dedication celebrating Bridgid,
Laka, and Artemis.

On Holy Ground ~ A Lovely Holiday Gift!

Our Kahuna Leilani and elder Chief Luisah Teish have written a wonderful book called On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Lands. Born of 30 years of their experiences as womyn of color, of spirit, and of ritual, they offer this book of guidelines and protocols to heal our relationships with Sacred Lands and with each other.

Leilani and Teish encourage its use as a means to insure the re-creation of Earth-centered traditions, as well as the evolution of a global and authentic spiritual practice. We think it makes a wonderful holiday gift, as it contains their personal stories, cultural myths and folktales, prayers, chants, rituals and exercises that encourage integrity in all behaviors!

If you would like to purchase On Holy Ground, you can do so in our shop!

Enjoy the Beauty of the Goddess Crafts Faire!

Each year in December, the North Bay is blessed with a nani/beautiful Goddess Crafts Faire featuring the creations of craftswomyn, artists, ritualists, musicians, and dancers. This year the Crafts Faire will be held on December 13 and 14. Kahuna Leilani will be offering the Opening Invocation at 11:00 on Sunday morning, the 14th. Here is a link to the website for the event.

This gathering is a special time when we can support Goddess Craftswomyn as well as members of our extended Goddess Sisterhood. Plus it is just a sweet blessing to be in the space...a place to gather, visit, eat nourishing food, see (and buy) beautiful things, and deepen our connections with one another!

The Sustainability of our Temple

At most Temples around the world there is a tithing box or slot for donations to support maintenance and sustainability. After almost twenty years of prayer and ritual, Daughters of the Goddess will now have a tithing donation box at the Temple Townhouse and all DG events. There is a lot of behind the scenes magick and dedication that has seamlessly flowed over the years and will continue. Sometimes a donation in person is easier and faster than PayPal or mail. There is no tithe too big or small and we welcome cash or checks. This is being offered as an anchor of mindfulness to all who partake in the magick of Daughters of the Goddess. Sharing your money magick blesses and multiplies your offerings to and from the universe!
Blessed Be!

Aloha Moon News Hawaiian Word Retrospective!

Each edition of the Aloha Moon News brings to us a Hawaiian word to revel in. This month, we thought it would be fun to review some of the words that have come forward to be a part of lexicon.

Makaleha: to look about as in wonder and admiration

Pomaika'i: Good fortune, blessedness, blessing, profit, prosperity, prosperous, fortunate, beneficial, blessed, lucky; good luck and improvement of property.

Hui: Association, society, organization, band, partnership, union, alliance, troupe,
to intermingle, associate, congregate, to join, unite, and combine. Also as in hui o Papa: Chorus of Papa, a prayer for the purification of women uttered in the early morning at the Hale o Papa, house of Papa, a Temple reserved for womyn.

Daughters of the Goddess on Facebook!

We have a growing and thriving Facebook community which allows us to create connections with womyn all over the world! If you participate in Facebook and would like to join our Daughters of the Goddess group, just ask to add! It is a fun way to keep in touch, keep abreast of Temple events, and to visit with other
Witchy womyn!

Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter

The Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter contains a letter from Leilani and our ritual schedule for the coming series. It is published and mailed via regular U.S.
mail twice per year in September and March on the Equinoxes. The newsletter is also posted on the DG website! If you are not on our mailing list and would like
to receive our Spring newsletter, please contact us and we will see to it that you are added! Also, if you are receiving the Newsletter through the U.S. mail and would prefer that we e-mail it to you, we can certainly make that change! If you would like to see our current newsletter please click here.

Offerings from our Priestesses:

Readings and Consultations
Our Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani is available to conduct private readings and consultations for the womyn of our community. If you feel that you would like to supplement your ritual experience with more insight, a reading with Leilani is
highly recommended. Please contact Leilani.

Website Design
Our High Guardian Priestess Patrice, in partnership with Daughters of the
Goddess, offers website creation and maintenance services, specializing in
Spiritual sites. If you are interested in having your own website, or have one
that you need maintained or updated, please contact Patrice for more indormation.

Praise and Thanks to our Kupuna/Elders, Source, Tradition

We would like to offer praise and thanks to Mary Kawena Pukui for the
Hawaiian Dictionary, to the Hawaiian Civic Club for their production of the
Ancient Hawaiian Moon Calendar, and to various websites on the Internet
including for their Hawaiian lunar information page and for their information on Hawaiian Moon phases, culture
and the connection between the aina and the people. These resources are
offered in service/lawelawe to each of us by those that lawelawe/tend to
the sacred herstory of Indigenous Hawaiians.

In Closing

May the lawelawe/service of each womyn who tends the Daughters of the Goddess Temple touch the lives of the womyn of this world! May you feel the hand of Mama La’au Moon as She smoothes your hair and smiles upon your gifts. May each of our worship and prayer be for the greatest good of all concerned.
We look forward to seeing you in circle!
Blessed Be!

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