Aloha Moon News

January 15, 2014. Full Moon in Cancer. 

Hawaiian Moon Phase: Hoku

Hawaiian Word of the January Hoku Moon: Pomaika'i

Meaning: Good fortune, blessedness, blessing, profit, prosperity, prosperous, fortunate, beneficial, blessed, lucky; good luck and improvement of property.


Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

Tonight we sit under the Hoku Moon; stars twinkling all around Her bright face.  The air outdoors is brisk and our exhaled breath flows from our lungs into the sky above in little clouds. The animal world is still tonight.  There are no crickets singing in January and no owls screeching tonight.  We open our ears and our hearts to Aunty Hoku and eagerly await her messages.  Her smile is broad and her eye lashes are long and gentle.  As She covers us with a warm blanket, we hear Her breath.  She smells faintly of roses and green tea.  She speaks in Her soothing voice, "My daughters, I'm so glad that you've come.  How precious is it that you sit here in my light and commune with me?  I'm so proud of you for recognizing my cycles and for trusting in me.  You are so beautiful, so brilliant, so kind.  Rest your hearts now and your minds.  Everything is as it should be and you are doing a wonderful job with your life.  I am proud of you tonight and every night.  Rest now against my breast and pull the blanket up high. You are safe."  And we do rest here at her side; comfortable, held and deeply cared for. We rest.


Happy Birthday Wishes to our Capricorn Sisters!


Buffalo Womyn's Call to Action

Mahalo to all of the womyn who heard the call of White Buffalo Calf Womyn as She charged us with the important task of being Peace Keepers in the world.  May each of us continue on this important path with passion and integrity.


Upcoming Open Rituals

Please join us in sacred space as we honor the Goddess and transform our lives!

These rituals are open to all womyn!

Tuesday, February 4. Daughters of the Goddess Annual Temple Dedication Ceremony. Celebrate Bridgid, Laka, and Artemis.

Thursday, March 6. Celebrate Kunapipi, Australian Aboriginal Mother Goddess.

Thursday, March 20. Celebrate Spring Equinox and Hawaiian Goddess Hi'iaka, Sacred Younger Sister of Pele.


She Changes Everything She Touches!

Do you hear the Goddess calling you?! Do you see magick everywhere you look? Do you wish to embrace more energetic tools to enrich your life?! Perhaps 2014 is your year to enroll in Daughters of the Goddess Witch School! The new class will begin in February and will gather for one meeting each month (most on Sunday) culminating in the students’ Initiation as Dianic Witches in January 2015! If you are interested please contact Leilani.

On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Lands

It is with great pleasure that we share with you that our Kumu, Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani and Chief Luisah Teish have published a very important book titled On Holy Ground. Offering indigenous Hawaiian and African perspectives, the book contains the author’s personal stories, cultural myths and folktales, prayers, chants, rituals and exercises to help the reader define her or his relationship to Mother Earth and Her children. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please visit our website!

Since the publication of the book, Leilani and Teish have offered several book readings in Concord, Napa, Oakland and Palo Alto!  Keep your eyes open for future announcements regarding Book Readings! These events are awe inspiring and incredibly informative. Sit at the skirts of these amazing elders and absorb their offerings!  It is such an incredible blessing!


Daughters of the Goddess on Facebook!

We have a growing and thriving Facebook community which allows us to create connections with womyn all over the world! If you participate in Facebook and would like to join our Daughters of the Goddess group, just ask to add! It is a fun way to keep in touch, keep abreast of Temple events, and to visit with other Witchy womyn!


Leilani’s 50th Year ~ A Birthday Book Offering

Do you have a special story about Leilani? A heart-warming memory? A heart-stopping moment when she channeled the Goddess and lightning struck? These moments are waiwai/of great value, a source of wealth. As part of our on-going celebration of Leilani’s 50th year, we are continuing to gather letters, memories, poems, photos and artwork to put into a Birthday Book for her. If you would like to submit a piece to be included, we would really love to add it into the wonderful collection that we have amassed! Please seriously consider this and let us know! What is remembered lives! We are engaged in creating Herstory! To inquire further, please contact Danielle at


Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter

The Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter contains a letter from Leilani and our ritual schedule for the coming series. It is published and mailed via regular U.S. mail twice per year in September and March on the Equinoxes.The newsletter is also posted on the DG website!If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive our Spring newsletter, please contact us and we will see to it that you are added! Also, if you are receiving the Newsletter through the U.S. mail and would prefer that we e-mail it to you, we can certainly make that change!

Offerings from our Priestesses:

Readings and Consultations

Our High Priestess Leilani is available for private readings and consultations.If you feel that you would like to supplement your ritual experience with more insight, a reading with Leilani is highly recommended.Please contact her at

Website Design

Our High Guardian Priestess Patrice, in partnership with Daughters of the Goddess, is now offering website creation and maintenance services, specializing in Spiritual sites.If you are interested in having your own website, or have one that you need maintained or updated, please contact for more information.

Praise and Thanks to our Kupuna/Elders, Source, Tradition

We would like to offer praise and thanks to Mary Kawena Pukui for the Hawaiian Dictionary, to the Hawaiian Civic Club for their production of the Ancient Hawaiian Moon Calendar, and to various websites on the Internet including for their Hawaiian lunar information page and for their information on Hawaiian Moon phases, culture and the connection between the aina and the people . These resources are pomaika'i/blessings that allow us to learn and better understand ancient Hawaiian traditions!


In Closing

E pili mau na pomaika'i me 'oe.  May you always have good fortune!  
May the Hoku Moon shine down upon you blanketing you
with pomaika'i/ blessedness and prosperity!
We look forward to seeing you in circle!

Blessed Be!


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