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August 25, 2014 ~ New Moon in Virgo 

Hawaiian Moon Phase: Muku

Muku Moon supports us planting bananas, but cautions us about planting taro and sweet potatoes.   Pole fishing is good today and if you go diving, it is a good day to collect sea urchins.  It is also an excellent day to collect squid and limu, a sea plant delight.  In the days of our foremothers, during this time of the hot season, womyn used to prepare food for storage.   “Life is in Labor.   Labor produces what is needed.” Kamehameha Publishing, 2014.


Hawaiian Word of the August Muku Moon: Le'a

Meaning: Joy, pleasure, happiness, merriment, pleasing, gay, delightful, happy, merry, delighted, and pleased..

Aloha Le’a/Joyful Womyn,
Mama Muku Moon, She Who Rests at this time of the first harvest, calls to the hearts of each of us and reminds us of what Summer means!  This is a time to gather with our Ohana, to join with one another in le’a/merriment and celebration as the first wheat is brought in from the fields and the first grapes, with juices so light and crisp, are crushed to become the early wines of the growing season.  She shines down upon us and upon all living things of the Goddess.  Her voice sings us a song in rhythm with the crickets.  “My Daughters!  Your presence on this Earth brings me much le’a/happiness!  I smile so big that my cheeks feel warm and heavy!  I ask that you remember le’a/joy above all else!  If sadness trickles in, nudge your way back to Center!  If doubt tickles your mind, nudge your way back to le’a/delight!  Make le’a/pleasure your focus ~ your point of attraction~ and match the energy of the Earth’s fruits bursting forth with ripeness!”

Happy Birthday Wishes to our Gemini Sisters!

Summer Solstice Around the Fire

With voices strong and hearts le’a/merry, womyn and girls sang out to the Goddess as we danced around the Summer Solstice fire, praying to Igaehinvdo, the Cherokee Sun Goddess!  How le’a/delightful it was to celebrate the Temple’s 18th Anniversary in Sacred Sisterhood on a warm California night at the base of Mt. Diablo.  We decorated our Temple Broom for the year, making Her full and fragrant once again!  As the Moon shone down upon us, we shape shifted at Her fire, becoming the ancient ones, dancing between the worlds.

Upcoming Open Rituals

Please join us in sacred space as we honor the Goddess and transform our lives!
These rituals are open to all womyn!

Monday, June 2. Celebrate Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Ceremonies, and Fire, and Sacred Flame Goddess of our Temple.

Friday, June 20. Celebrate Summer Solstice and Igaehinvdo, Cherokee Sun Goddess.

Thursday, July 31. Celebrate White Shell Woman, Navajo Moon Goddess.

A Note to Sisters Who Live Far and Wide

We know through correspondence that the Aloha Moon News and the Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter are many womyn’s only contact with the Goddess community due either to logistics or complications that might ensue if Sisters come out of the broom closet. To you we send a Muku/New Moon wish that you feel our bond through these writings. You are visible to us. We feel you and you are a part of our national and international communities. May the Goddess continue to shine Her bright light upon you and bless each step that you take in your lives. We are in Sacred Sisterhood together every time we are at Her altar. Blessed Be.

We Are A Green Temple!

Our Green Team continues to make all of our meals flow smoothly after rituals and during Temple events. Some of the ways they do this is to create a beautiful table with the food offerings that womyn bring to share, as well as tending the table, the recycling, and the compost throughout the evening. We can continue to help and support them by being mindful of our dishes and proactive about helping them with clean-up. It so wonderful when we all work together! Mahalo Green Team for all of your efforts to make things nice for ritual attendees and for Mama Earth!

Those With Whom We Share Our Financial Abundance!

New to the Daughters of the Goddess Website is our Tithe Page that shares the names and contact information of the elders and organizations to which we tithe. Here is an excerpt from this new page!

“One of the magickal intentions within the Aloha-Dianic Tradition is the offering of energetic and monetary support to elders and organizations whose work supports Mother Earth and uplifts the lives of womyn, girls, and Indigenous Peoples internationally.

We intentionally call our monetary donations a tithe to associate our gifting energy with the Pagan (pre-Christian) relationship to this word. Within this construct, a tithe is a free-will gift to support people or groups in need.

At many of our rituals we gather tithes, which we are honored to offer in support of the good works of the world community.

Below is a list of the elders and organizations to which we tithe.

May our offerings of support wholly bless those to whom they are freely given. So mote it be.”

We hope that you enjoy the page and peruse the list of elders and organizations that we hold so dear. If you would like to see the list please visit our Tithe page.

On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Lands

It is with great pleasure that we share with you that our Kumu, Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani and Chief Luisah Teish have published a very important book titled On Holy Ground. Offering indigenous Hawaiian and African perspectives, the book contains the author’s personal stories, cultural myths and folktales, prayers, chants, rituals and exercises to help the reader define her or his relationship to Mother Earth and Her children. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please visit our book page in our online store!

Since the publication of the book, Leilani and Teish have offered several book readings in Concord, Napa, Oakland, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and most recently Sebastopol! Praise and thanks to Milk and Honey ~ Treasure and Pleasures of the Goddess, the wonderful multicultural Goddess store in Sebastopol that hosted the most recent book reading. It was so wonderful to see many of our North Bay Sisters! Mahalo nui loa for coming to the Book Reading and sharing the precious evening with Leilani and Teish!

Keep your eyes open for future announcements regarding Book Readings! If you are receiving this via e-mail and would like to be added to our MailChimp Announcement List, please contact Leilani at and let her know! These events are awe inspiring and incredibly informative. Sit at the skirts of these amazing elders and absorb their offerings! It is such an incredible blessing!

Kitty Haven

As we grow into the Temple Townhouse as a community, we continue to learn what the Goddess has in store for us! One unexpected gift is that this space has become a Mecca of sorts for the feral, abandoned, or needy animals in the neighborhood, particularly, but not limited to kittens and cats. Many animals make their way to the patio and make themselves known, asking for food, shelter and safety. It is our policy not to turn “folks” away, and so we feed those in need, assist with spaying and neutering, and actively seek adoption options for those who need new homes. If you wish to support this Divinely driven project, please make a donation to the “Feral Temple Cat Food Foundation.” The cats are grateful for any offering! Maybe you can grab a bag whilst you are out and about and bring it with you to ritual! Your energetic and physical contributions will be most appreciated!

Daughters of the Goddess on Facebook!

We have a growing and thriving Facebook community which allows us to create connections with womyn all over the world! If you participate in Facebook and would like to join our Daughters of the Goddess group, just ask to add! It is a fun way to keep in touch, keep abreast of Temple events, and to visit with other Witchy womyn! To join us on Facebook

Walking With Aloha Pilgrimage 2015

We will be embarking on our 3rd Temple Pilgrimage to O’ahu from Thursday, January 22nd to Tuesday, January 27th 2015. Our ceremonies and activities will include: visiting the Queen’s Palace, communing with the North Shore, working in the Taro patches, rituals, snorkeling, swimming in the beautiful, warm waters and living for a week with one another in Sacred Sisterhood. The cost of the pilgrimage is $1300 which is due in full by November 1, 2014. A Non-refundable deposit of $400 is due by September 1, 2014. The Pilgrimage will be limited to 13 womyn! If attending this pilgrimage calls out to you, please contact Leilani and discuss your intentions with her.

Healthy Teeth and Gums!

We all know that healthy teeth and gums are essential to a good life! Our High Guardian Priestess Patrice has been undergoing major dental work through the UCSF Periodontal Clinic. Because she is going through the University, the cost of her dental care will be half of what it would cost in the private market. In an effort to raise money to assist her with paying for the surgeries that her mouth requires, many of us encouraged her to set up a donation request through “Go Fund Me”. Through 31 donations in 18 months, Patrice has received $1590 toward the cost of fixing her teeth! If you wish to help contribute to our precious HGP’s’ good health, please make a contribution of any denomination to her fundraising campaign called, “Save My Teeth” through the Go Fund Me website. Mahalo nui loa for your continued care and support.

Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter

The Daughters of the Goddess Newsletter contains a letter from Leilani and our ritual schedule for the coming series. It is published and mailed via regular U.S. mail twice per year in September and March on the Equinoxes. The newsletter is also posted on the DG website! If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive our Spring newsletter, please contact us and we will see to it that you are added! Also, if you are receiving the Newsletter through the U.S. mail and would prefer that we e-mail it to you, we can certainly make that change!

For our current newsletter:

To change your mailing preferences please email:

Supporting the Temple that Sustains Us!

Some time ago, we put out a call to our larger community for donations of items that would be helpful in sustaining the Temple. The response was both profound and heart warming. The Priestesses of our Temple give a tremendous amount of their hearts, souls, and resources to keep our community together and running smoothly!

We can always use Feminist and Goddess books, printer paper, used computers in working condition (in fact I’m typing this on a donated laptop right now!), postage stamps for Newsletters and other correspondences that keep us in touch with one another, and any other things that you can think of that would be of use to the community.

We are so blessed to have each other and to share our resources. May the abundance of each of us continue to grow and feed us all.

Offerings from our Priestesses:

Readings and Consultations
Our High Priestess Leilani is available for private readings and consultations. If you feel that you would like to supplement your ritual experience with more insight, a reading with Leilani is highly recommended. Please contact her at

Website Design
Our High Guardian Priestess Patrice, in partnership with Daughters of the Goddess, is now offering website creation and maintenance services, specializing in Spiritual sites. If you are interested in having your own website, or have one that you need maintained or updated, please contact for more information.

Praise and Thanks to our Kupuna/Elders, Source, Tradition

We would like to offer praise and thanks to Mary Kawena Pukui for the Hawaiian Dictionary, to the Hawaiian Civic Club for their production of the Ancient Hawaiian Moon Calendar, and to various websites on the Internet including for their Hawaiian lunar information page and for their information on Hawaiian Moon phases, culture and the connection between the aina and the people . These resources are pomaika'i/blessings that allow us to learn and better understand ancient Hawaiian traditions!

In Closing

May the hand of Mama Muku Moon coupled with ours, bring each womyn who reads this edition of the Aloha Moon News the feeling of hui/association with your Goddess hui/band of Sisters! Together we are changing the world!
We look forward to seeing you in circle!
Blessed Be!

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