The Dianic-Aloha Path

“We believe that Feminist Witches are wimmin who search within
themselves for the female principle of the universe and who
relate as daughters to the Creatrix.”

~ Z Budapest from the original manifesto of the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1

And So, We are Daughters of the Goddess!

We are creating an unique Aloha-Dianic community here in Daughters of the Goddess. She changes everything She touches. The bringing together of the Dianic Cosmology with the Aloha Spirit is birthing a powerful blend of nurturing community values without either essence being co-opted.

Goddess-loving womyn and girls come together in Daughters of the Goddess and find a welcoming Dianic community of Aloha Spirit. Our Aloha-Dianic Circle is a nurturing, sacred space in which to explore Goddess energies of old and current cultures. We dance, drum and chant around beautifully crafted altars to call Her Many Names.

Our Circle has expanded to create special project circles where womyn and girls explore art, dance and ritual in depth. Womyn and girls are invited to participate and contribute as they feel called, to bring their gifts to the Daughters of the Goddess Community. Deep connections and bonds are being formed through our circling together, supporting each other and honoring Goddess within and without.

This page focuses on the Dianic component of Daughters of the Goddess. These are expressions of how I/we feel about the current activities and atmosphere in Daughters of the Goddess. There is no dogma. It is difficult to express what happens when Goddess-loving womyn and girls come together to honor and play with the Goddess!

I hope every womyn and girl who reads this has the opportunity to experience the Goddess’ love, if it is your heart’s desire.

And the Goddess blesses Her womyn and girls!

“Dianic tradition is a Goddess and female-centered, earth-based, feminist denomination of the Wiccan religion revived and inspired by author and activist, Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970s. Dianic tradition is a vibrantly creative and evolving womyn’s Mystery tradition, inclusive of all womyn.”
~ Ruth and Falcon, Temple of Diana

Within the Vessel that is Daughters of the Goddess,we honor many faces of the Goddess, past, present and future, with great respect for the cultures of all.

“Rather than a focus on one pantheon exclusively, like facets of a diamond, Dianics honor She who has been called by Her daughters throughout time in many places and by many names. While we honor all of Her names and faces, there is an ongoing commitment to understanding and sensitivity where the lines of worship and cultural appropriation are too often crossed. {There is an} ongoing commitment to examining and challenging racism.”
~ Ruth and Falcon, Temple of Diana

Within the Vessel that is Daughters of the Goddess, we celebrate the seasons of Gaia and the changes of Luna. These are also the cycles of womyn and girl's lives, of birth, initiation, growth, release, and death, to be reborn, cycling around again. Daughter, sister, lover, mother, teacher, crone, within us all.

“Unlike other Wiccan traditions, Dianic seasonal rites do not focus on or celebrate the exclusively heterosexual fertility cycle of the Goddess and the God.”
~ Ruth and Falcon, Temple of Diana

Within the Vessel that is Daughters of the Goddess, we circle together In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust focusing our energies on our growth and healing with life-affirming rituals. RE-membering the ties that bind all womyn and girtls together across time and space. So much focus has been on the "male principle" for so long that we circle for Her alone. Womyn and girls linked by the Red River, womyn adn girls of all colors, of all sexualities and of all sensibilities. Womyn adn girls who love Her. We say to all womyn and girls, "I honor the Goddess in you."

“...the term Dianic is one that has several meanings. A majority of those who call themselves Dianic are womyn that choose not to work with male energy in their ritual, magick, or universe. They feel that they need spiritual and psychic space filled with only womyn's energy.”
~ Ruth and Falcon, Temple of Diana

Within the Vessel that is Daughters of the Goddess, our Kahuna and High Priestess is our Guide, our Matriarch, our Initiator, our Sister, our Friend. She steers the ship according to the whispers of the Goddess of the winds, the murmurs of the Ancestors. A benevolent matriarchy where all womyn and girls voices are lovingly heard and considered. Believing makes it possible.

“The High Priestess is responsible for the overall political and spiritual direction of the coven. She leads the coven to higher spiritual experience... and makes sure teachings are passed on.”
~ Z Budapest

“Tread lightly into the soul’s hidden desires. The hunger of the spirit will be satisfied by the motherly hands of the Goddess... It is through the Female Principle that the Way will be found... By accepting all elements in nature, we make Whole the collective and individual Soul.”
~ Z Budapest

In closing, I’d like to share a piece written by Lee Lanning ‘95 which expresses my heart’s desire for Daughters of the Goddess:

What Do I Expect?

I expect magick between us, I expect love.
I expect us to blossom, and to go to seed to seed new visions, new dreams.
I expect gentle interactions, full of care and respect.
I expect to move in an aura of cooperation, of 'what can I do?' and 'yes, let's explore that.'
I expect to be amused by our weaknesses as well as our strengths.
I expect to laugh heartily over any little thing.
I expect ease, flow and joy in my life.
I expect to put some effort into creating my life the way I envision it.
I expect to live in peace and harmony.
I expect peace and harmony to live in me.
I expect a group life, a group bond, a group spirit to emerge.
I expect to value, to treasure the group.
I expect to move with the group, to create together our way.
I expect to make an effort to enter into the group energy.
I expect to make myself open to what we are creating.
I expect to offer myself in word, feeling and action to the growth and well-being of the whole.
I expect the whole to live in me.

Blessed Be,

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