Temple Priestesses

The Daughters of the Goddess Womyn’s Temple Priestess training program is a journey for womyn interested in serving Goddess and the Temple in a deeper way. Each womyn that has completed our program has exhibited a deep commitment to her own personal transformation as a foundation for creating healing and magickal space for others.

In Daughters of the Goddess, we feel that our magick, mana, and spiritual power is only as strong as the commitment we make to actualizing change and transformation within our own selves. As we change ourselves by examining our shadows and strengths, we are better able to hold the bigger circle for other womyn to enter into. Through creating this larger energetic container within and around ourselves, we become capable of midwifing and facilitating the journey of spiritual awakening and regeneration of the Goddess path.

1. Full attendance at Open and Tita Series for a minimum of one year
2. Successful completion of Daughters of the Goddess Witch School
3. Participation in Kokua
4. Dedication to Daughters of the Goddess Temple and its mission

Our Temple Priestesses

Patrice Erickson
High Guardian Priestess

Initiated: June 9, 2001
Ordained June 10th, 2005
Ordained: High Guardian Priestess October 29th, 2010

Aloha and Blessings. I am a Priestess and I describe my path as that of a Guardian. In this respect I help Kahuna Leilani and my other Priestess-Sisters facilitate the circle and the energy contained within and without. I also lead some of the rituals and facilitate the ritual drumming.

I’m a native Californian, born in San Francisco. I was raised in a small town just south of the city. My first introduction to Goddess was through the Catholic Church, in the form of Mary. The church I attended with my parents had a huge painting of Mary behind the altar that covered the wall from floor to ceiling. It was not until my early teens that I realized that they were actually celebrating the man not the Mother. I left the church in search of Her.

I was a Solitary for many years. I learned my craft in the quiet of my bedroom, running through the foothills, on the beach, and by the bay. I learned the tides of the oceans, seasons, cycles and rhythms of this wonderful place we live. I learned how the moon above is our shining star, and how She of 10,000 Names is in all of these things and in us. Thankfully she led me to Kahuna Leilani and Daughters of the Goddess in October of 1999. I started my Priestess training with Kahuna Leilani shortly after coming to the Temple and was initiated on June 9, 2001. In the past several years I have expanded my Priestessing to Animal card readings, and facilitating weddings and other Ceremonies outside of our temple.

Honoring our Elders and Ancestors is necessary, and a tradition that I hope we as a society reclaim. I give my thanks to my Teachers and Elders: Ruth Barrett and Falcon River of the Temple of Diana who are my teachers, mentors and dear friends, Luisah Teish - Yourban Chief, Vicki Nobel, wise womyn - teacher- astrologer - co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot and Starhawk of the Reclaiming tradition. I also want to honor Diane Stein, Riane Eisler, Karen Vogel, Edain McCoy, Merlin Stone, and Scott Cunningham. I have also learned on a cellular level how important music is, and I honor these womyn: Jennifer Berezan, a muse who has been sharing her gifts with us for years and has become my guitar teacher, Ubaka Hill - Priestess of the drum, Carolyn Brandy - Cuban Priestess of the drum.

I especially thank you, Kahuna Leilani, for establishing this Temple, and continuing the work over the years. I will continue to walk by your side on this spectacular Priestess path. And to you, my Sisters, may the blessings of the Goddess shine upon you. I hope to see you in circle.


Kealoha (Anne) Jewett

Initiated: November 16th, 2009

Aloha! I am Anne Kealoha Jewett, I am a new Priestess, Initiated on November 16 2009. I am actively growing and changing within the Temple. The Daughters of the Goddess Temple and Kahuna Leilani’s support and work have changed and improved my life.

I was born in Tampa, Florida but I had the wonderful opportunity to live in many different parts of the US and Germany.  Living in diverse communities and through the teaching by my parents, I learned at an early age to honor and respect different cultures. I have been thinking about being faith leader since I was a teenager. I almost went into training to become a methodist minster.

Then after a life shaking health episode, I found Womyn’s Spirituality and the Goddess, which I found to be my true path. I can be the womyn I really am and I did not need to hide parts of my life and my feelings anymore. Through the Goddess I can celebrate my whole being and all my gifts and talents. My creativity, my psychic abilities and ecstatic dance are all embraced here.

I started circling with Daughters of the Goddess at Summer Solstice 2001 and dove into the wonders and the gifts of this community. I want to create transforming rituals for womyn and empower womyn to create the life they want to lead. I use the skills from my BFA degree from California College of Arts and Craft to weave my passion for the arts in all Her sacred forms and use creativity and artistic expression in ways to celebrate the Goddess.

I give love and honor to all people, elders, ancestors, Goddess and energies that have touched my life and helped me become the womyn I am today. I honor my teachers Kahuna Leilani, High Guardian Priestess Patrice, Chief Luisah Teish, Oloya Tyehimba-Ford, Maggie McClain, Beverly Owen, Vickie and Richard Jewett my parents.

Danielle Alexander

Initiated: October 7, 2011

 Aloha oukou/Affectionate greetings to all of you! I hope this finds you well.

      My journey as a Goddess Womyn and Priestess began when I was a small child, sitting alone in the yard with ladybugs and little brown caterpillars crawling up my arms, feeling them tickle my skin, and knowing that their lives were sacred and important. I remember loving the sounds and sensations of water moving in nature through rain, rushing rivers, and ocean waves: my feet touching the meeting place of sweet river water and the salt water of the ocean simultaneously, bringing me the purest of joy. I remember sitting in school as young girl, watching the wind blow in the trees and moving time forward so that I could push through the door and feel the wind on my skin and in my hair. This love affair that I had with Earth and Her creations ~ this was the Goddess!

     As a young womyn in college, I became deeply engaged with the stories of Womyn.  I attended Napa Valley College and Mills College as an undergraduate student.  At Mills, a college for womyn, and as a Women’s Studies major, I was immersed in the study of womyn ~ in art, in law, in science, in anthropology, in religion, in medicine, in history, and in literature.   The world of academia led me to an understanding of who my foremothers were, what they had experienced, what they had created, how they lived their lives, and how their contributions had influenced the world.  Before I attended college, womyn didn’t exist in the curriculum that I had been taught.  Now I could see nowhere in the world that womyn did not exist and matter.   I had been led into a new branch of my training as a Feminist activist: A path that would allow me to better understand gender, race, class, ethnicity, patriarchy, colonization, hegemony, and the politics and ramifications of being a womyn in the 21st century.  Today, I hold a Master’s Degree in History from Sonoma State University, where I focused on a study of the rhetoric and activism of the California Woman Suffrage Movement.  My life has come full circle as I am employed by Napa Valley College in the Biology Department by day and in the History Department by evening.   I offer praise and thanks to the academic institutions and faculty that held me, nurtured me, and encouraged me to grow, learn, and change the world. 

      My college years were excellent preparatory years for me in many ways, for in addition to receiving a life changing education, I also learned how to turn commuting into an act of meditation!  For the majority of my college years I didn’t have an automobile and so I took many and all forms of public transportation available in the San Francisco Bay Area to get  where I needed to be.  During one stretch, I rode in my roommate’s car from Benicia to Napa in the morning to drop my daughter off at school, before then getting a ride with a different friend from Napa to Vallejo where I caught a commuter bus to BART.  After arriving at the Oakland Coliseum BART station, I took the Oakland city bus to Mills!  It took me three hours per morning, but in the end I was able to get to school!  I took BART, busses, school shuttles, CalTrain and Muni often and with great pleasure as needed to complete my education and research.  Today, I continue my travelling legacy in service to the Daughters of the Goddess Temple, sometimes travelling 60 or more miles to attend ritual and to serve the Temple at the very least once a week, and whenever my service is needed.  I feel extremely grateful for the freedom of movement that I have enjoyed in my life and pray that I continue to employ the “this can absolutely be done” way of life ~ no matter how far I have to travel to do it! 

      During my lifetime I have been blessed with the gift of three daughters ~ one through my marriage and two through my womb.   Every aspect of my life since their arrival has been informed by my Motherhood.  I wanted to go to college so that I could make a better life for them.  I wanted to excel so that I could serve them as a positive role model.  I became an activist to fight for their rights and for the rights of their daughters.  I became engaged with Daughters of the Goddess Womyn’s Temple with them at my side, learning that patriarchy is not the norm, is not natural, and that they are valuable and vital in the fabric of society.   Though it is difficult to say what my crowning achievement will end up being as a mother, I am very proud that I gave birth to my youngest child at home with the assistance of an angel Midwife and in the presence of praying womyn who meditated at my side during the entire labor and delivery.  It was wildly important to me that I seize control of my body, my birth experience, and my baby from the patriarchal medical establishment.  With the help of many wonderful womyn, I was able to give birth the way that womyn have birthed for millions of years.  I will forever remain in awe of this blessed experience that was gifted to me.      

      Daughters of the Goddess Womyn's Temple is a Sanctuary for womyn from every walk of life, of every culture, and from every continent ~ where Nature, Feminism, and Female Divinity are held sacredly and with deep care.  This is a magickal vortex of energy where every womyn can come to the altar, shed that which no longer serves her, fill up at the fountain of goodness, heal, be heard, grow and gain the skills and strength needed to create the changes they wish to see in the world.  It is a space where womyn's stories are at center, where womyn are valued, where womyn's experiences and existences are seen and acknowledged.  I feel blessed and honored to spend my life in the service of holding this container, nourishing it and striving to make sure that it flourishes and that our daughters are held here, and their daughters, and so on for as far as I can see into the future. 

        I offer praise and thanks in humble gratitude to Kahuna Leilani for being my Kumu: my spiritual teacher who holds Goddess culture within her and wisely manages that responsibility.  To Chief Luisah Teish who is a daily inspiration to me through her teachings, writings, and spoken and unspoken words.  To Starhawk, Susan Weed, Diane Stein, Ruth Barret, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel for their bodies of work which have so dramatically influenced my life and understanding of the world, myself and the Goddess!  May each of you be properly revered for your important contributions and always remembered.

       Abundant goodness to all womyn and daughters.   May the Goddess bless you always and keep you safe and whole. 

Initiated Priestesses

Danielle October 7, 2011
Tami March 11, 2011
Anne November 16th, 2009
Jesa January 6th, 2004
Brook June 25th, 2002
Sara Grace August, 2001
Patrice June 9th, 2001
Rita May 18th, 2001
Kaynek June 14th, 2000
Karla December 22nd, 1999
Veola December 22nd, 1999

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