Our Temple Priestesses



High Guardian Priestess

Initiated: June 9, 2001
Ordained: June 10th, 2005
Ordained: High Guardian Priestess October 29th, 2010

Aloha and Blessings. I am a Priestess and I describe my path as that of a Guardian. In this respect I help Kahuna Leilani and my other Priestess-Sisters facilitate the circle and the energy contained within and without. I also lead some of the rituals and facilitate the ritual drumming.

I’m a native Californian, born in San Francisco. I was raised in a small town just south of the city. My first introduction to Goddess was through the Catholic Church, in the form of Mary. The church I attended with my parents had a huge painting of Mary behind the altar that covered the wall from floor to ceiling. It was not until my early teens that I realized that they were actually celebrating the man not the Mother. I left the church in search of Her.

I was a Solitary for many years. I learned my craft in the quiet of my bedroom, running through the foothills, on the beach, and by the bay. I learned the tides of the oceans, seasons, cycles and rhythms of this wonderful place we live. I learned how the moon above is our shining star, and how She of 10,000 Names is in all of these things and in us. Thankfully she led me to Kahuna Leilani and Daughters of the Goddess in October of 1999. I started my Priestess training with Kahuna Leilani shortly after coming to the Temple and was initiated on June 9, 2001. In the past several years I have expanded my Priestessing to Animal card readings, and facilitating weddings and other Ceremonies outside of our temple.

Honoring our Elders and Ancestors is necessary, and a tradition that I hope we as a society reclaim. I give my thanks to my Teachers and Elders: Ruth Barrett and Falcon River of the Temple of Diana who are my teachers, mentors and dear friends, Luisah Teish – Yourban Chief, Vicki Nobel, wise womyn – teacher- astrologer – co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot and Starhawk of the Reclaiming tradition. I also want to honor Diane Stein, Riane Eisler, Karen Vogel, Edain McCoy, Merlin Stone, and Scott Cunningham. I have also learned on a cellular level how important music is, and I honor these womyn: Jennifer Berezan, a muse who has been sharing her gifts with us for years and has become my guitar teacher, Ubaka Hill – Priestess of the drum, Carolyn Brandy – Cuban Priestess of the drum.

I especially thank you, Kahuna Leilani, for establishing this Temple, and continuing the work over the years. I will continue to walk by your side on this spectacular Priestess path. And to you, my Sisters, may the blessings of the Goddess shine upon you. I hope to see you in circle.





Initiated: December 20th, 2017

It was such an honor to be asked! I have been a part of the Temple for around ten years and have enjoyed being on this path so much! My goal wasn’t to be a Priestess, not that I was opposed to it, I just was here to be here. I wasn’t interested in a “title” as I am here for other reasons. I was called to the Temple by the Goddess! It’s my home, my heart. She called me to do this work and I am loving every part of it. That was my goal, to enjoy being here, in the Temple, with all of my sisters praying to the Goddess. Everything else has been a plus!

Being a Priestess takes such commitment and love for the Goddess. You have to live your life in such a beautiful dedication and appreciation for Her to be able to teach and share with others. I hope to be able to radiate that out to womyn! I hope and strive to be that kind of Priestess! That’s my goal!



Initiated Priestesses

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Janelle December 20, 2017
Danielle October 7, 2011
Tami March 11, 2011
Anne  November 16th,2009
Jesa  January 6th, 2004
Brook  June 25th, 2002
Sara Grace August, 2001
Patrice June 9th, 2001
Rita May 18th, 2001
Kaynek June 14th, 2000
Karla December 22nd, 1999
Veola December 22nd, 1999