2016 Nike

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess

Happy New Year!  We just celebrated a wonderful Spiral Dance and Hallowmas.  Thank you to all womyn who came out to Celebrate 20 years of Daughters of the Goddess!  Hail to the Ancestors and the change of the seasons.

Celebrate Nike Greek Goddess of Victory
Monday, November 7th, 2016, 7:30 p.m.
Waxing Half Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Scorpio 

Concord locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$15 newcomers / $30 one time exchange

Womyn’s Rights are being eroded away.  Many States, Counties and Cities are changing laws to make it harder and harder for women to have the rights our foremothers fought so hard for.  Womyn are being harassed and sexually assaulted and being blamed for it.  In 2016, is it still dangerous to be a womyn!  We need to come together as sisters and not allow this misogyny and patriarchal culture to continue.  We are in an amazing time to be part of the first womyn from a major party to be running for President.  The next day after our Ritual will be an interesting election and will tell the way our country is going.Nike is the winged Goddess of strength, speed, and Victory for the Greeks.  Contrary to popular belief Nike’s victory is not only for military and combat.  She is in every part the Greeks’ love of competition sports, poetry, dramas and philosophy.  Nike brings victory to all other areas of our lives.  Nike is a strong Goddess, one that represents strength in character and strong will.  In Greek art, She is depicted as a beautiful, fit young woman with wings and a palm branch, wreath or Hermes staff as the messenger of victory.  Nike is able to run fast and capable of flying ~ even taking the form of a bird on occasion.

Nike is many times shown standing in the right hand of other Goddesses and Gods.  The most famous being the 40 foot statue of Athena Parthenos where Nike stood in Athena’s outstretched hand at Parthenon in Athens.  Nike is also one of the most commonly portrayed Goddesses on Greek coins.  Nike has Her own Temple at the Acropolis which has been an important sanctuary since the Mycenaean era.  Excavations have revealed that on this location an open pit existed that Bronze Age Greeks used to pour libations and to deposit primitive figurines of the deities worshiped.  During the long history this Temple has been rebuilt many times and is one of the first Temples that visitors encounter at Acropolis complex today.  One of the most famous images of Nike adjusting Her sandal comes from the freeze that adorned the Temple.

Nike is the golden charioteer who rides victorious into battle, who is by the side of many of Goddess and Gods.  May Nike help womyn be victorious in keeping and gaining more rights until we truly equal.

Join us as we come to Her altar to claim Victory for ourselves, the Daughters of the Goddess Temple and the World.  For this ritual please wear yellow and white bring a yellow or white candle for the Altar. Please bring any ballots, sample ballots and symbols of Nike: palm leaf, wings and laurel leaves.

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