Kokua ~ Service Group Information

“Give back to Her if you want Her to give to you.
Don’t be selfish.  Don’t expect all and give none.
You have to be willing to surrender to all
She is giving to you!”
Janelle – Kokua sister


Kokua means “the Helping Hands”; the hands that work together to make the mission and visions of Daughters of the Goddess manifest.

Members of Kokua are responsible to one another, the group as a whole, as well as to Kahuna Leilani.

An essential concept of Kokua is that by contributing our personal Mana and time, we are each Pale Keiki (midwife) to this process of creating, manifesting and maintaining our ongoing Aloha-Dianic spiritual community, Daughters of the Goddess. Pale means “protect or defend”, and Keiki means “child”.

The various business and physical work required to build our Aloha-Dianic Temple and our community has been organized into various teams. Active participation on at least one team and attendance at Kokua meetings (one meeting per month), and participation at the open circles and other events are the expectations for each Kokua member. Being the lead of a team and/or participating on several teams is encouraged.

Currently our teams are: Publicity, Advertising, Hea Hea Sisters, Event Planning, Newsletter/Program, Website. Volunteer opportunities are always available, you do not need to be a member of Kokua to help out on tasks/duties and at events. Any amount of time you can give is greatly appreciated.

Leadership and participation from many are needed to bring this vision forth.


Kahuna Leilani

To find out more about Kokua and/or to volunteer, please contact Kahuna Leilani.