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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently womyn will have questions they want to ask about Daughters of the Goddess and what we are about.  We’ve tried in this Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the questions asked most often.  If you need further information please contact us.  We hope to see you soon.

What Do We Wear OutDoors?
Whenever possible we like to circle outdoors to celebrate the Goddess in Her favorite element. For outdoor rituals, wear anything that is suitable for a Minnesota winter, particularly in the Bay Area’s alleged summer. This includes sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves, heavy socks and warm shoes.
What Do We Wear Indoors?
When we circle indoors, wear whatever you like. Sometimes we will wear a special color for a ritual, depending on the holiday or Goddess we are celebrating. Clothes worn may range from jeans to ritual garb.
We Are Relaxed and Informal...
Please never let a question of having something suitable to wear get in the way of your attendance.
What Do We Bring?
Bring something to sit on to each ritual. When we are outside, most of the year the ground is somewhat damp, so bring either something waterproof or a folding chair. Also, please bring to all rituals a candle (for safety reasons a candle in a glass container is recommended), a snack to share, and drums, rattles or other instruments if you have them.
How Many Women Come to Rituals?
Typically we have 15-30 womyn and girls participate. At our large public rituals such as Spiral Dance, we may have 200 or more womyn and girls.
What is the Sexual Orientation of the Womyn Who Frequently Attend Rituals?
The sexual orientation of ritual attendees varies a great deal including heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual lifestyles. Womyn-born-womyn (females) are welcome and valued members of our community.
What Happens at Daughters of the Goddess Rituals?

We start by creating sacred space and stating our magickal intention(s). Then we check-in with each other. We cast the circle by invoking the Directions and the Goddess we are honoring at the ritual. Once the circle is cast, we do a variety of things that may include chanting, drumming, dancing, making art, sharing experiences, guided meditations, and/or healings. The format of the ritual itself depends on the Goddess, holyday, and/or moon phase we are celebrating.

After the circle is opened, we hold a potluck feast. Sometimes the food is connected to the holyday or culture celebrated.

Are Newcomers Welcome?
Yes. We hope to help womyn and girls on the path to the Goddess, to learn new ways of honoring ourselves and creating community. For us, this is done in the context of our circle community.
What Type of Participation is Expected During Ritual?
You are welcome to participate as little or as much as you feel called. Daughters of the Goddess rituals are created to encompass the needs of all womyn and girls present.
Where Do We Meet?
We primarily meet in Concord with occasional rituals held in San Francisco, Berkeley, Alameda, or other Bay Area locales. Exact meeting location is given upon ritual RSVP.
What is Multicultural?
We are a community of womyn and girls from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For us, multiculturalism means we are interested in and open to many different culture’s ways of knowing and celebrating the Goddess as She manifests in Her ten thousand names. Womyn and girls are encouraged to remember and reclaim the practices of their ancestors.
Why is There a Fee For Rituals?
We believe it is important for womyn and girls to spend money on what we value. We value more than just resources spent to create a ritual for Daughters of the Goddess. We value the time and energy Priestesses spend serving our community. We are working to create a viable model for sustainable Priestessing as important womyn’s work in and of itself.
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