Daughters of the Goddess

Why Donate?

Daughters of the Goddess

Why Donate?

“Every job has its worth and everyone should make their contribution.”
~ Ali Farka Toure, “Gomni”

The Goddess is coming into the consciousness of many people today.
Our mission is to reach out to all womyn and girls who hear Her call, to provide ceremony and ritual, learning and sisterhood. We know that there are many worthy causes where you can donate your money-energy, and we thank you for considering our Temple.

Daughters of the Goddess Womyn’s Temple is a Dianic, womyn-only Goddess Temple dedicated in the Spirit of Aloha to the preservation and perpetuation of Goddess culture, public ceremony, ritual and Womyn’s Mysteries. We are not a coven but a dynamic community of like-minded womyn and girls honoring Goddess in all Her incarnations. Our organization was born on the Summer Solstice in 1996.

It is part of our long- range vision to create sustainable priestessing, allowing womyn who are called to serve Goddess through our Temple to be paid, as well as to purchase land for our community to permanently thrive and grow on. It is our dream to grow bigger, to reach even more womyn and gilrs all over the world. We are currently 100% supported by your tithes and donations.

We ask you to consider giving to Daughters of the Goddess as a means of loving protection of the Goddess and Her much needed presence on Earth these days. In order to accomplish Her work in this world today, it takes financial resources. Funds provide space for ritual, workshops, and Huas, materials for our events, publicity, flyers, press releases, phones, postage, and shipping. It allows our Priestesses to travel and provide ritual and ceremony in other venues, helping us move forward with our goal of outreach. It allows us to provide further training for our Kokua group, and Priestesses.

Every womyn and girl can do her part in helping us build our Goddess Temple if we all do our part, we can help the Goddess manifest our world. If you also believe in our cause, mission, and vision, please contribute to help us to continue to build Her Temple in this time and place.

What is sustainable priestessing?
Part of our vision is dedicated to manifesting sustainable priestessing – creating a viable model for womyn who are called to serve Her on a full-time basis – and bringing forth the understanding that this is important and sacred womyn’s work in and of itself, and needs to be valued. Each person has the right to be paid for her skill, her calling, her profession. Yes, this is a career for those womyn who are called to serve Her in this deep way; it is a valid full-time life path. There is so much work to do!

Our rituals are transformative because of our skilled facilitation. Safe space is created and maintained through our personal preparation, professionalism, and training. In paying our Priestesses for their hard and tireless work, we support the work these womyn do for our community. When they are supported financially for their work, they are able to, in turn, support our community to their fullest potential, dedicating their time and energy to Her work, instead of spending it elsewhere. We create and hold space for all womyn to be supported as they do their life work.

Currently, our Priestesses do not receive monetary compensation for their work in our Temple. While our Kahuna stirs the cauldron of our community full-time, our other initiated and ordained Priestesses and dedicated Goddess Sisters work within the Temple as much as they are able to, and their time, energies, and skills are donated. We invite you to come and experience our community for yourself, and are open to traveling to your location, bringing our own special gifts of the Aloha-Dianic Tradition.

What kind of expenses do you incur in running a Goddess Temple?
Many people might not be aware that there are many costs involved in doing the work we do. Creating ritual and ceremony is not “free”. Time, skills, and services cost energy to create. The reason why we do such a great job is that we invest a lot into our Temple on all levels. Running a Goddess Temple and doing the kind of outreach and publicity we do is not cheap. This includes the amount of time that our Kahuna, and other Priestesses, spend promoting our Temple through participation in other gigs that are either non-paying financially or very low paying – often costing far more to participate in than we receive financially. Doing this has been beneficial in making our work as Priestesses, as well as what we do in the Temple, very public.

We also incur many tangible expenses, such as venue rentals, set-up and clean-up, outreach, travel, publicity, phones, internet, printing costs; office supplies such as paper, printer cartridges, etc., postage, shipping, ritual supplies, and more.

Is there a precedent for this type of donation?
In the Buddhist tradition, there is something known as dana (pronounced dah-nah), which is a Pali word (Pali was the Buddha’s language) that means generosity. This starts with generosity with things. It grows to include loving protection and loving understanding. In all three cases it is important to give without attachment and without the need to get something (even a smile) in return. There is always a place for dana given to the sangha (community), if you have the means. Dana is one of the paramitas, or mind-states, that need to be cultivated in order to see through samsara, i.e. to realize enlightenment.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
At this time your contribution is not tax deductible. We are working on gaining non-profit status, and will update this page once it has been granted.

How would my money be used?
Your money would be used to keep the temple going. We will use the funds for things such as rentals facilities, supplies, taxes (yes we pay taxes), training, office supplies and so much more. This fund will also help to send our Priestesses to events and trainings.

You would also be contributing to our longer-range goals of sustainable priestessing and buying our own permanent Temple space. At this point, thru the generous contribution of two of our priestesses, we have created the Temple Townhouse. The two priestesses have rented the space and dedicated the downstairs living area to the temple for use for rituals, workshops, witch school, Kokua meetings and other gatherings within the temple. The upstairs bedrooms are reserved for their living area. This saves our temple the cost of renting other facilities for our smaller events and rituals. One day it is our vision to have a Temple house, with a yard space for outside rituals and events.

I already attend ritual at Daughters of the Goddess. Why should I donate in addition to the tithe I pay to support my ritual attendance?
We ask for your financial support in the spirit of community and sisterhood. Even when you are away from the Temple, we are here, offering our gifts of ritual and group gatherings, spiritual sustenance, support, and transformation for all who ask for it. Your further support of our mission and vision is greatly appreciated.


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