2017 Destiny Keepers



Destiny  Keepers

an Earth Magic Gathering

May 24-26, 2017

San Diego, CA


Kahuna Leilani Birely, Beatrex Quntanna

Maria & Lynda Yraceburu

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This is a call for Destiny Keepers worldwide to come together at the Pacific Ocean.

We connect and receive while working with the Dragon Line that runs from San Diego to
Hawaii to Tibet. 
At the edge of the Ring of Fire, we help  stabilize the Earth’s Magnetic Grid
in sacred ceremony and prayer. 
We celebrate and touch upon the generations to come,
with our love.

We gather as a family for our curative powers to co-create spiritual and physical well being.
The ability to identify illusions, to release them, and to be free of them is useful knowledge.
Authentic power accompanies empowerment.  We become as the wind traveling the earth,
the Rainbow Path leading us into knowing.  Observing cyclic time assures that energy
will be strong and the transition eased.