2017 Ichar-tsirew

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess

We just had a wonderful visit, Ritual, and Workshop with Kahuna Pahia.  It was such an immeasurable blessing to learn and hear her talk story.  Learning more about the meaning of Aloha, Hawaiian History, Culture and the rainbow, which deepens the understanding and mission of our Temple.  As we continue in our learning and journey, let us come together as a community to work towards making time with Kahuna Pahia again.  We have a vision to bring her to the Sekhmet Pilgrimage in April 2018

Celebrate Ichar-Tsirew

Ghanaian Goddess of Community, Justice, Spirituality,
Purification, Home, Peace & Organization

Monday, August 21st, 2017, 7:30 pm
New Moon in Leo, Total Solar Eclipse

Concord Locale, Directions given upon RSVP
$30 or $15 for first time attendee
See exchange page for series packages


Many people all over the world are fighting for the protection of the Land, Waters and Sacred Places. Ichar-Tsirew is a Goddess from Ghana, who is of Holy Ground and helps people unite and bring justice and peace to the World.

She is a Water Goddess who protects Her communities and brings peace, justice and purification.  She is a Goddess who is called upon to assist with organization and helps communities to work in harmony and peace.  One of the Rituals performed for Ichar-Tsirew is bundles of sticks are burnt to help clean out negative energy especially from the home. 

She is a protector of womyn and children.  On the Cape Coast in Ghana, there is a Sacred Place for Ichar-Tsirew; which is a rock where no men are allowed near.  This is a Sacred Place for womyn to bath and new born babies are given their names.  Offerings of rum and white cloth are given to the rock to ask for blessings and protection for womyn who are about to marry and become mothers.  Yams and animals of the waters are very Sacred Ichar-Tsirew.

The time of the New Moon in Leo and the Solar Eclipse is a fiery time.  It is a time of change, when one cycle ends and another begins.  It is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project.  We are calling on the power of Ichar-Tsirew as a Goddess to unite us and help us with organizing what we need.  We will be using our magic to help support those who are fighting to protect our Sacred Lands and Waters.

Ichar-Tsirew is the Goddess of Spirituality and community.  How do you make room for Spiritualty in your life?  We are a Spiritual Community coming together to celebrate the Goddess and womyn’s lives. Many womyn say, “I need to come to more Ritual.  I need to plan better so I can make it to more rituals.”  Because of Her organizational magick please bring whatever you use for a calendar: paper wall calendar, calendar in your phone or it may be a We’Moon.  We will be charging up the calendar, to make space for Spirituality and put in the upcoming Rituals.

For the Altar, please bring a blue or white candle in a jar, images and symbols of Ichar-Tsirew, please bring photos or symbols of the activist organizations that are working toward protection of Sacred Lands, and remember your calendars.