2017 La’ieikawai

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I hope you are enjoying the fruits and veggies of the Summer Harvest and the long days of Summer’s Light.  This weekend I have had a lot of fun spending time at the Tahitian Competition Manahere with my daughter Eden.  She qualified in the top 5 of the Intermediate age 19-24 category, which is very competitive and popular.  I’m so happy both my girls Jade and Eden have embraced the love of their Polynesian culture through dance!  Please enjoy our upcoming gatherings to imbue yourself with the Hawaiian Aloha!

Celebrate Royal Hawaiian
Rainbow Goddess La’ieikawai

Friday, August 4, 2017, 7:30 p.m.
Waxing Moon in Capricorn

$30 exchange/$15 first timers;
see exchange page for series discount
Concord Locale given upon RSVP


Also known as The Beauty, the Beautiful Goddess of Twilight.  She was hidden away at birth, and in Her maidenhood, to be protected from Her Father’s wrath at not having a son.  Protected by Her Grandmother and Forest Birds, particularly the ‘i’iwi and the Maile sisters, She remained protected in a mist and had rainbows appear wherever She lived to announce Her power and Mana.  She lives in a house thatched with the feathers of birds woven with the greatest care, beauty, and crafting.

We will continue our learnings of Hawaiian culture and the energy of malama pono.  How do we hold our elders and our Sacred Traditions?  We will also continue our learning of Hawaiian Dance and language.  Please bring your Hawaiian word, Hawaiian Dictionaries-if you have them, and get another word tonight if you would like.  Bring any Hawaiian books on Sovereignty, Hawaiian Ali’i, and Aloha books.

We will also continue our preparation for Sacred Kahuna Nui Auntie Pahia’s visit and bring gifts for her.  Please also bring fruits and vegies of the harvest, and Tropical fruit, and food for the Feast.  Plan to bring your food in a way that is appropriate to have it blessed or placed on our altar.  If you are not coming to the workshop on Sunday, please bring a tithe wrapped in a gold, red, or green cloth.  Bring a candle any color of the rainbow.  Receive magickal blessings of the rainbow and Her waters!