2017 Juno

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are in full bloom.  All the wild critters are out and playful as they bask in the sun. The birds are chirping and their babies are peaking over their nests.  It is time to gather and celebrate!

Celebrate Juno
Roman Goddess of Family & Tribes, Justice,
Commerce & Travel, Mother & Guardian,
Temple Sacred Flame

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 at 7:30 pm
Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Concord Locale/Directions given upon rsvp
$30 exchange per gathering/$15 first time attendance
see website for series package discounts
In the Roman pantheon Juno is the Queen of the Gods.  She rules over our menstrual cycles and therefore tied to the Moon and is also known as the Queen of Heaven.  She is a protective and strong Mother Goddess who tends to all of Her children and so is a protector of women and tribe.   Juno is the wife of Jupiter and was deeply involved and called on for advise and assistance in all aspects of government and rule, and was known as a fair and just ruler. 

She is known as Juno Caeoestis: “Celestial Juno” — the main diety of Roman-occupied Carthage, Juno Caprotina: a goddess of fertillity worshipped during the Feast of the Serving Women, Juno Curitis: “Juno of Spearmen” — goddess who protects spearmen, Juno Februa: goddess of motherly and matrimonial love, Juno Lucina: goddess of childbirth and light. She was worshipped during the Matronalia, Juno Moneta: “Juno of the Money”/”Juno the Advisor” — goddess of money whose temple was on the Capitoline in Rome, Juno Opigena: goddess of childbirth who protected women in labor, Juno Populona: “Juno of the People” protectress of soldiers and warriors, and the protector of marriage, Juno Pronuba: goddess of marriage, Juno Regina: “Juno the Queen” — part of the Capitoline Triad, Juno Sispes Mater Regina: “Juno the Savior, Mother, and Queen”, Juno Sororia: “Juno the Sister” — goddess who protects young girls hitting puberty, Juno Sospita: “Juno the Savior” — goddess of protection, fertility, and healing, Juno Sospita Mater Regina: Juno the Savior, Mother, and Queen — goddess of protection and fertility, Juno Suspes: protectress of The State.  There are many more.

It is understandable that Juno is also part of the triad of Sacred Flame Goddesses we celebrate when we light our Sacred Flames   Each day a flame is lit by various womyn in our Temple.  In doing this we connect with the Goddesses, with our Sisters, and with our Temple, and use our candle magic with intention.  Juno’s flame has been tended in Daughters of the Goddess on a daily basis since June of 2003.   We will be celebrating our connection to our flames and honoring/noting those womyn who help to tend this flame.

All in all Juno is a powerful, vibrant, independent Goddess who has a hand in all aspects of life and relationship, being personal or public.  She is a ruler and a mother.  She asks us to stand in our strength.  She shows us how to be in relationship in our personal life and be active in our spirituality, and at the same time be conscious of, and active in (or activist around), our government.  She teaches us that there is room for all, and more than enough time and energy for all.  Come and join us at the altar to Celebrate Juno. 

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