2017 Kahuna Pahia



Sunday, August 6th, 2017 11am – 4 pm.

Concord, CA Locale

Kahuna Pahia brings with her the essence of what is Hawai’i!  Experience the Loving embrace of the Spirit of Aloha.  Deepen, or begin if you’ve not experienced, your relationship with the beauty of Hawaiian culture.  Attune yourself with the loving energy of the islands.  Explore the concept of Ha ~ the Sacred Breath of Life.  Delve into Malama Pono ~ the concept of taking care of the Earth and each other.  Become an emissary of Love, Light and Aloha.  Join us! 

Hawaiian Spiritual Elder, Sovereignty activist, story teller, Aloha Aina & International Indigenous Grandmother.  Kahuna Pahia is an elder of the ancient Hawaiian healing traditions, keeper of ancient knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She was trained by her family in Kahuna Mysticism from the time she was a small child and was recognized as having the mana (power) of healing. She specializes in healing with the sacred breath of HA, the mesmerizing storytelling hula and the ancient principles of Hawai’i. She also teaches ho’oponopono (conflict resolution) workshops around the world.

Please note this is an Elder circle, newcomer package & discounts do not apply. Exchange sliding scale $40 – $100.

For more information contact: Kahuna Leilani  (925)787-9247