2017 May Day/Lei Day

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess!

What an amazing Winter and Spring we have had.   As we move towards Summer Solstice things are starting to heat up little by little.  You can feel the abundance and fertility of the Earth as She produces all of the beautiful plants and trees that sustain us.  With all of the beautiful flowers that are in bloom it is time to come together and create Haku Leis to adorn ourselves in the beauty of the season and Aloha.

Celebrate May Day/Lei Day
& Papahanaumoku Earth Mother of Hawaii

Monday, May 8th, 2017 ~ 11am
Waning Moon in Libra
Please note ritual time is 11am ~ 4 pm

Lafayette Locale, Directions given upon RSVP
$30 or $15 for first time attendee
See participation page for series packages

The Giving and wearing of neck & head (haku) lei can be traced back to the earliest human beings.  In the Pacific, lei customs spread from Asia to the various Polynesian islands and reached the greatest expression in Hawai’i.  The most skilled lei makers were honored members of their community and celebrated for their ability to adorn the body with nature’s beauty.  The Lei embodies the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian people. It is a token of greeting and of goodbyes, it is a sign of friendship and love.  It means Hospitality, Love, Peace, Hello, and Farewell. The flowers may only last a short time, perhaps only a few hours, but the memory of having a Lei placed on your shoulders lasts forever.  May Day is Lei Day in Hawai’i and it is a time to celebrate the beauty of Hawaiian culture with beautiful leis, hula, music, and crafts. In 1929 Lei Day became an official Holiday in Hawaii.

Papahanaumoku, or Papa Haumea, is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility and the Earth.  She is a Mother Goddess and is the Mother of the Hawaiian Goddesses & Gods and the Hawaiian people.  It is said that She birthed Her children thru various parts of Her body.  She is also the mother of the ferns, fruit trees, the animals and the fish.  She creates an abundance of living things, and never ending supply of food, and of natural beauty for Her people.  She is also a powerful healer and brings plants and potions to ease discomfort, especially to womyn in childbirth.  She is the Mother of us all and through Her, all things are possible.

For this ritual lease bring two bunches of flowers for our Haku Lei making.  Bring your Hawaiian word if you have one from a previous ritual. Please for the altar bring a candle that is any color of the rainbow, any symbols or Pictures of Papahanaumoku/Haumea.  If you are called and can find them please bring Breadfruit, Mango, Papaya or any yummy fruits or veggies to adorn the altar.  Papahanaumoku is always pleased to see Her abundance.  Please come and join us for this beautiful Ritual spend time in Aloha Hawaiian energy of Lei making, Hawaiian music, and the Aloha spirit that is so much a part of our Temple.

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