2018 Mnemosyne

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess!


The rain has graced us with Her presence.  It has been wonderful to dance and play as She falls.  The air is crisp and cool as Fall begins the descent to make way for Winter.  The last time we gathered we chanted to Saraswati for music, knowledge, and learning.  Now it is time to pray to the Goddess of Memory, please join us!

Celebrate Mnemosyne
Greek Goddess of Memory & Mother of the Muses,
Inventress of Language & Words

Thursday, December 6th, 2018; 7:30 pm
New Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius

Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP
$30 per ritual/$15 first time visit|

Mnemosyne is the basis of all life and creativity, and is one of the most powerful Goddesses of Her time.  She is a Greek Goddess of memory who is said to know everything about the past, present and future.  Mnemosyne is the mother of the Muses, Inventress of language, words and time.  She is the sole memorization that preserves stories, herstory, and myth before writing was even invented.  In all cultures, there were oral traditions where their herstory, spirituality, and lives were passed down by memorizing spoken stories.

This is more than committing a personal poem or numerical pin number to memory.  The Herstory of Mnemosyne was greater than memorizing common interests or mathematics.  It was the original memory of life’s existence.  A balance of universal energies and rules that gave us a template of how to live in the world.  The first true experience of a never-ending cycle we call life.

As a minor divinatory Goddess, She was head of the underground oracle of Trophonios (Trophonius) in Boiotia (Boeotia).  Mnemosyne is also said to be “big-eyed” because She sees all, especially the past with our thinking.  When we want to remember something, we should call on Her to guide our minds to access those thoughts in our memory and put them to words we can tell in a beautiful story.  After all, our herstory is what defines our lives.

She is usually depicted with a long and full mane of auburn hair and is often credited with being the first philosopher.  We call on Her to help with a stronger memory and mindfulness with our herstory.

For the altar, please bring a blue or indigo candle and any images of Her

Please see our participation details for more information about attending.