2018 Princess Lieu Hanh

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess;

We just celebrated the High Holy day of Imbolc with a beautiful Spiritual Dedication Ceremony.  At this time, Womyn all over the world are continuing to organize and stand up for the rights of Womyn.  The Waxing Moon in Taurus is a time of prosperity.  The sacredness of the Earth combined with the energy of the continuing revolution of womyn’s empowerment is a perfect time to celebrate the Great Goddess Princess Lieu Hanh.

Celebrate Princess Lieu Hanh
Vietnamese Goddess of Female emancipation
and Female power.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Waxing Moon in Taurus and Sun in Pisces

Concord locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$30 or $15 for first time attendee

Goddess Lieu Hanh or Princess Lieu Hanh is one of the three Mother Goddesses worshiped by the Dao Mau of Vietnam.  Princess Lieu Hanh is the Supreme Mother of Heaven. She is the Mother of all things and rules over four realms of Heaven: Earth, Water, Mountain and Forests.  Her worship was started by womyn in Nam Dịnh Province, in the village of Van Cat.  She is tied into every part of the Vietnamese people’s lives.  She represents harmony, kindheartedness, coolness, protection, support and care.  There are many Vietnamese songs, lullabies, and literary works Praising Her.  Her worship is a fusion of Vietnamese indigenous religions, Taoism and Buddhism.

Vietnam is one of the oldest Cultures with agriculture and Worship of the Goddess.  Vietnam was founded in the Red River Valley in 3rd century BCE.  The country has had a long history and is still recovering from the brutal wars of the 1970s.  During the recovery there is a resurgence of the Worship of Princess Lieu Hanh, especially for the empowerment and freedom of Womyn.

Princess Lieu Hanh is believed to be a daughter of Ngoc Hoang, or the Jade Emperor.  She was sent to the mortal world to help the Vietnamese people, especially the poor farmers, to bless them with good crops and prosperity.  The main gift at Her Temple is rice because She gave rice to the people and taught them how to grow it.  She is the Goddess of divination and at Her festivals the Priestesses go into trance and speak Divinations for the year.  She is the Goddess of Poetry and verse.

For the Ritual please bring your Divination tools such as, cards, runes, pendulum and/or IChing. Please bring 3 dollar bills. For the Altar please bring a Red or White Candle, Rice, any Symbols of Princess Lieu Hanh: Lotus, Tigers, snakes and fans.

If you are interested in attending our rituals please see our participation page