2018 Xi Wangmu

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I hope you have received our wonderful Spring/Summer newsletter now with lots of great upcoming ceremonies.  Receive the blessings of the Sacred Peach and explore your life, your longevity, your

Legacy, and what we as a community of women come to offer to the Garden of Paradise.  If there is something that can add to your longevity, that needs to be healed, enter the Temple.

Celebrate Xi Wang Mu
Chinese Goddess of Creation, Life, Immortality, Healing

Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Moon in Scorpio

Concord Locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$30 or $15 for first time attendee
see our participation page for series packages

Also known as Queen Mother of the West, Dispenser of Prosperity, Longevity, and Eternal Bliss.  Lady Queen Mother, Mother of Pearl Lake or Jade Lake.  She is also known as the Eternal Venerable Mother.  Her palace is a meeting place for deities and where communications with humans was possible.  A place that was considered to be a perfect paradise, and where the orchard of longevity peaches grow.

Max Dashu writes, She is the Original Breath of the Great Yin and the Mother of  All Creatures, whose life span she determines. She gives life, causes and cures diseases, imparts mystic wisdom. Energies of new growth surround her like a cloud.  see www.maxdashu.net

Please bring peaches and images of Her for altar as well as things that represent what you want to add to your longevity and longevity of Goddess culture.  Please bring a gold or peach colored candle.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.