2018 Yemaya

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess;

As Fall is starting to approach, the nights have begun to cool down.  While we sat in ritual and celebrated Chomolungma the warm evening started to slowly change to a sweet breeze.  It was easy to imagine sitting in, or near, Her water as we floated flowers and said our blessings.  The faint scent of salt blew in the wind as we sat in the Temple.  Raising our voices and our hearts as we sail into celebrating an Ocean Goddess, Yemaya.

Celebrate Yemaya
Yoruban Goddess of the Ocean
with our Annual Pilgrimage to the Sea

Sunday, September 9th, 2018
Please note: date change &
ritual time:
11 a.m. ~ 4 p.m.

New Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo
San Francisco locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$30 one time exchange / $15 newcomers

Yemaya is the Yoruban Mother Goddess of the Sea.  She is Big Mama Ocean known by different names in many parts of the world: Yemaya of Nigeria, Imanje or Yemanje of Brazil, Agwe of Haiti just to name a few.  We are born of the water and Yemaya is the Mother of us all.  She is Motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all Her children.  Yemaya is prayed to for fertility and cowrie shells represent Her wealth.  She is the Goddess of home, fertility, love and family.  Like water, She represents both change and consistency, bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary.

This is our Temple’s Annual pilgrimage to pray at the shore of the Pacific Ocean.  We pray for Yemaya’s Blessing and to give gratitude to Her for what we have received.  Yemaya’s colors are blue, silver, and white like Her beloved waters.  Her number is seven and She wears a dress with 7 skirts which represents the Seven Seas.

Please wear blue or white, bring something representative of the Sea for the altar, any mermaid images and a blue candle.  She loves many things including coconuts, watermelons and coffee.

Our tithe this year will be to Saving our High Guardian Priestess Patrice’s Smile.  We as a Temple have been working towards helping Patrice as she needs a lot of dental work.  Please help with Patrice’s Save My Smile Fund by bringing $7 bills of any denomination, wrapped in a blue cord or ribbon.

We will be meeting at the beach so please bring what you need to be comfortable: something to sit on like a blanket or a chair, sunscreen, hat, etc.  The weather is very unpredictable so please bring layers.  We also spend time near, or in, the Ocean so please bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit if you’d like.

We will be feasting during the ritual so please bring a snack to share (something that is easily passed around), and your own dish and utensils.

Come and worship Yemaya at the Ocean. Be involved in a full day with the magick of the Sea and Sisterhood.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.