2019 Ataensic

The Pilgrimage to Hawai’i was amazing, and the whole experience was breathtaking.  It was a longtime dream that everyone in our Temple helped to come true. Now we have returned with many beautiful stories and teachings to share as we come together to celebrate Ataensic Grandmother Moon Goddess of the Iroquois.

Celebrate Ataensic
Grandmother Moon Goddess of the Iroquois

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 ~ 7:30 pm
Full Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra

Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP”
$30 per ritual/$15 first time visit

Grandmother Moon is a Sky Goddess of the Iroquois.  Her name means ancient body and She is the creator of all things in the human world.  She is the bringer of light in the darkness and helps you to keep track of time. Ataensic is also a Goddess that helps regulate womyn’s moon cycles and is said to be the founder and deity of all womyn life.

She began up in the Sky World and fell from a deep hole where the Tree of Life was uprooted.  As She fell, many animals helped to guide Her down to the turtle’s back, where She began to grow more life.  Ataensic birthed a daughter, Tekawerahkwa. They were the first beings to have the special bond that a mother and daughter share.  Together they continued to create even more. Tekawerahkwa eventually met Her husband and became pregnant. She birthed twin boys, who were said to be the balance of all life, the light and the dark.  Tekawerahkwa died in childbirth so Ataensic raised Her grandsons. Thus, forming a special bond that only a mother and son share. This makes Her the creator of the very close familial bond, which is sacred to the Iroquois.

Ataensic teaches us to mend and heal those relationships with our Mother, whether it’s your birth or the Goddess.  She helps us to create amazing art with the smallest of tools. Come join us as we ask Her to clear our paths to our Mother of any obstacles that are holding us back from having a pure and honest relationship.

For the altar please bring any images of Her, turtles, moons, and something that represents a Mother to you.  Also bring a candle in a glass container that is of any earthy colors. Bring layers as we will be taking a walk outside.