2019 Kuerahuaperi

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

The rains in Cali have arrived.  Blessed be!  As we’ve moved through the season of Ancestors and Giving Thanks, we now move towards our December rituals and Temple festivities.  There will be a Daughters of the Goddess Holiday Pop Up Shop/Open House happening at the Temple Townhouse in Concord, Saturday, December 14, noon to 6 p.m. and Sunday, December 15, noon to 5.  Come enjoy the goodies we have in our shop from Fair-Trade chocolate and lotions to beautiful jewelry, gift items by Papaya Art, Sacred Oils, Oracle Cards, Journals, Pareos/Sarongs from Hawai’i and Goddess Books.  Each day will open at noon with the E Ho Mai Chant and we’ll end with drumming and chanting.  We’ll also have complimentary tea, coffee, hot cocoa and other holiday snacks and goodies.

Before that we’ll have our next ritual honoring the Mexican Ohana/Familia which I am officiating along with Healer Lorena Oceguera Tamayo from the lineage of the culture we will be honoring.  Join this amazing evening of healing and worship on the Full Moon.

Celebrate Kuerahuaperi-
Pur’he’pecha Mother Goddess

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 7:30 p.m.
Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius

$30 exchange/$15 for first time newcomers
Concord Locale, Directions given upon RSVP

Kuerahuaperi is from the land of Michoacan in central western Mexico, Mother of all gods, humans, animals and plants.  She also is the Mother Creator Goddess and from Her are born the Sun and the Moon.  She is the Mother Goddess that sends from the thermal springs of Araró the heavy rain clouds that make possible the germination and growth of seeds.  She commands abundance, drought & famine equally.  It is said She is the mother of all the gods of the Earth.  She is said to be the wife of the Purhepecha main deity, Curicaueri, the god of flame and war.

She is related to the Earth and the rains.  She produces clouds and as assistants She has four of Her daughters, Red Cloud, White Cloud, Yellow Cloud and Black Cloud.  These four are sent to the four cardinal points.  When Her daughters are not present, then there is drought and famine.  Kuerahuaperi is made responsible because she has not sent them.

She is the primordial womb, the regenerative force and power that contains all.  She symbolized the duality of life and death.  She is both the mother giving birth and the midwife.  When Kuerahuaperi appears among humans as a woman, she is dressed with jingle bells on Her legs and a wreath of clover with a bird.  She lives between the worlds, beyond the Earth, and She is the dark womb of infinity.  She is associated with serpents and butterflies.  Toasted corn is offered to Her.

For this ritual we will be casting our Full Moon Womb wishes.  Please wear or bring jingle bells and any symbols mentioned in this announcement for the altar.  Come for healing to receive the power of Her regenerative force in your life.  That which is named is transformed.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.