2019 Junkgowa

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

What a beautiful celebration for Summer Solstice, and a lovely way to celebrate DG’s 23rd anniversary.  Now we travel to the oceans of the Island Continent of Australia.  Perfect timing to feel the cool ocean spray during these warm days of Summer.

Celebrate Junkgowa
Aboriginal Ocean Goddesses of Australia

Waxing Half Moon in Libra, Sun in Cancer
Tuesday July 9th, 2019 ~ 7:30 p.m.

Concord locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$30 one time exchange / $15 newcomers

The Junkgowa is a marine Goddess of the Australian Aborigines that lives in the Dreamtime.  In some legends, Junkgowa is three sisters and represents the triple aspect of the Great Goddess: maiden, mother and crone.

The Junkgowa created all the creatures of the oceans and rivers, as well as the first people.  To explore the ocean waters, She built a canoe and set out, singing as She paddled.  Everywhere She dipped Her oars, the creatures of the sea appeared.  When the Junkgowa reached land, She began a walkabout.  Every place She touched Her staff to the ground, a water hole appeared, releasing the waters of a sacred spring.  These openings are seen as portals into the world of the spirits.

She is still seen traveling in a canoe above Her watery domain and is still held in the minds and hearts of Her people.  In 1997 the country of Micronesia put out a set of stamps titled Sea Goddess of the pacific.  In one of the stamps the picture shows the 3 Junkgowa Goddesses in a canoe paddling together across the water.  It reminds me of a Hawaiian proverb “Ho’omoe wai kāhi ke kao’o” which means “Let’s all travel together like water flowing in one direction.”  In this form They are telling us that womyn need to come together to be able to move across the deep waters that we are traversing these days.   Humans are 98% water, and every being on this Earth depends on the waters both fresh and salt.  Our cycles are connected with the tides of the oceans.  Today more than ever the oceans and waters of the Earth need to be protected. We need to call on Her for assistance for ourselves, and our sacred waters.

Join us to send our Temple Priestess Kealoha to her next part of the healing journey.  Be part of this ritual to bring blessings and mahalo/thanks to her.  She will be moving to Florida in a few weeks and we ask for Junkgowa’s assistance for strength and healing.

For the altar, please bring a candle in a glass container the color of blue or green. Also, any images of the water and sea creatures, canoes, paddles.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.