2019 Fatima

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

2019 is ringing in and is the perfect time to gather together and cheer the New Year.  The day of our Ritual there is a partial Solar eclipse balanced right between Saturn and Pluto.  It can help us define our work for the next year.

Celebrate Fatima
Arabian Goddess of the Moon,
Fate, Source of the Sun

Saturday, January 5th, 2019, 7:30 pm
New Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Capricorn

Concord locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$30 one time exchange / $15 newcomers

Fatima is a multi-layered Goddess who has been revered in many ways throughout the complex History of Arabic Culture.  She is the original Creatress, the tree of paradise, the Goddess of the bright Moon and the source of the Sun.  It is said She “existed from the beginning of the material world.”  Her many titles include Queen of Heaven; Occupier of the seat of Dominion; Holy Virgin; She who has never menstruated; Illuminator; She who separates light from darkness; ‘the Red-Cow who suckles all the children of earth’; She who is the center of the genealogical mystery.

In Pre-Islamic images Fatima is depicted crowned, seated on a throne holding a sword, and ornamented with a million varicolored shimmering lights which illuminate the garden of paradise.

Over time She has become Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Mohamed in Islamic legend.  She had three sons by a miraculous virgin birth.  She was said to have possessed magical powers.  Fatima is sometimes associated with Mary, Mother of Jesus.  She is also described as, Al Zahra, the “radiant one.”  Along with Mary She is revered as one of the four “perfect women.”  Sometimes Fatima is referred to as, “The Islamic Mary.”  In Her form as daughter Fatima, She is highly regarded by Shiite people.

Fatima is a Goddess of healing, birth, and protection.  She has been coming through in many ways to support Her people.  She is a Goddess who has continued to stay in the consciousness, and has been worshiped in many different ways.  She is still living and powerful bringing fertility to the desert, which at times can be challenging to live in.  She is a Goddess that makes the Garden of Paradise Bloom.  Fatima brings healing and compassion, for individuals and nations alike, and helps in achieving forgiveness and understanding.

What do you need to heal so you can bloom this New Year?  What is standing in your way or challenging you?  She is the Goddess that can help you break through so the new growth can happen.

One of Her Symbols is The Hamsa, a hand shaped symbol used to ward off the evil eye is known as, “The Hand of Fatima”.  The symbol ranges from literal representations of a hand to highly abstracted designs containing a pattern in five units, for Her five fingers. In Morocco the hand-charm, or khamsa, protects from the evil eye.  The Hand of Fatima is said to protect brides, pregnant women and newborn children, and is considered especially vulnerable.

We are celebrating the New Moon in Capricorn, which is the perfect time to get organized and strut your sense of accomplishments and new ventures.

For the altar, please bring a green or white candle.  Fatima is the Goddess of the Garden so please bring a living plant to be blessed. Any symbols of goals that you would like to manifest.  Symbols of Fatima are cows, Hamsa, Moon and Light.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.