2019 Xochiquetzal


Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I hope you are enjoying the longer days of Summer along with the warmth.  I had a chance to visit my daughter Jade on O’ahu last month and have time with the beautiful Hawaiian Ocean.  When I returned it was time to ready for Drum Camp with Carolyn Brandy and teachers from all diasporas of rhythm, dance and drum.  Always love the multicultural vibration and we move right into this with our upcoming ritual next week.

Celebrate Xochiquetzal
Aztec Goddess of Love, Beauty,
Flowers and Household Arts

Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 7:30 p.m.
New Moon in Leo

Concord Locale, directions given upon RSVP
$30 per ritual/$15 first time visit


Xochiquetzal or Precious Flower, is the ever-youthful Mexica Goddess of love and flowers.  She is a part of the Teteo innan (mother of the gods) Goddess complex, various Goddesses who embody aspects of one Earth Goddess.  Both flowers and feathers are sacred to Her and to the Mexica people.  She rules over maidens, sexuality, sensuality, fertility, and healing.  She also rules over the artistic skills of spinning, weaving, feather working, painting, sculpting and metal working.  She is also the patroness of the sexual arts, so all from sex workers to lovers participate in Her rites.

She is a Lunar deity who resides over pregnancy and childbirth.  She is the essential creative force and all those who participate in creative acts, who transform nature into art, pay homage to Her.  She has some similarities to the Goddess Persephone in that as a young virgin She is seduced by Tezcatlipoca as Xolotl and taken to the underworld.  As Iztapapalotl She is a warrior that protects during battle.  She is present in various curanderismo healing rites and presides over the festival (Pachtontli) that weaves and assures the return of the flowers as the days get colder during the Fall.  There is compelling evidence that in Pre-Columbian times She was a strong symbol of female power.  Flowers associated with Her are the marigold, the amaryllis, and the poinsettia (also used to treat genital diseases).  The animals associated with Her are the quetzal bird, snakes, scorpions, butterflies, dogs, hummingbirds, centipedes and ocelots.  Another group associated with Her are the people with deformities such as hunchbacks and dwarves.  It was believed that supernatural power was channeled through them

Weavings may be brought to honor Her and symbolically are connected to the course of a human life from coitus, to pregnancy, birth, to death.  As a potent symbol of female power, She gives us the opportunity to reclaim our innate feminine power and energy.

Please bring a candle and flower of your favorite color, woven items, and any symbols of Her mentioned in this announcement.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.