2020 Durga

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Aloha Daughters of the Goddess!

What a gift it is to have such spectacular elders.  We just had Max Dashu come in and present The Great Cosmic Weaver.  It is amazing how many Goddesses and cultures are literally woven together thru time in the weaving of the spider and the thread.  Thank you Max for your wonderful gift.  And on we move into the dark Moon time to focus our energies and bring our voices together in the vibrations of mantra.

Celebrate Durga
Hindu Goddess of Life/Death Cycle,
Justice, War, Mother & Protectress

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 ~ 7:30 p.m.
Dark Moon in Aquarius

Concord locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$15 newcomers / $30 one time exchange

Om dum Durgayea Namaha, Om dum Durgayea Namaha, Om dum Durgayea Namaha

Ma Durga is the Divine protectress ~ beautiful to the seeker of truth and dangerous to those who would destroy the seeker.  She is the Supreme One.  Her worship dates back 7000 years.  First mentioned in the Mahabharata as a virgin delighting in wind, flesh and animal sacrifice.  She represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness.  The Sanskrit word Durga means fort or a place that is protected and so is hard to reach, or invincible.

Durga, also called the Divine Mother, protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego.  She is called by many other names such as Parvati, Ambika, and Kali.  Durga is the mother of 2 daughters Sarasvati and Lakshmi, and 2 sons Ganesha and Karttikeyai.  Therefore, She is the Divine Mother embracing us all.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “vehicle of the mind.” Man means mind, and tra means transport or vehicle. A mantra is any word, phrase, or sound that helps to keep your mind focused.  Regular chanting of mantras is believed to wipe out fear, anger and depression, and help relieve disorders of the respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory, speech, intellectual and cognitive systems. It is said to help develop one’s mental powers and strength, ease stress, and take one to a higher level of consciousness.  It synchronizes the body, mind, voice and breath, creating inner harmony, which paves the way for spiritual awakening and connection to the divine.

We will spend the evening chanting mantra to Durga.  Bringing our voices together in synchronicity, raising the power of the individual prayer with the connection of the voices, the energy, the vibrations of our sisters.  For this ritual please bring a white candle, and your mala beads. 

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.