2020 Macha


Aloha Daughters of the Goddess:

Time seems to be moving a bit more slowly and still between times here inside.  It is good to get outside and see what’s happening, of course keeping with the safe distancing and face mask.  The trees are starting to bear fruit, the birds are actively flying around and singing, the bees and hummingbirds are doing their thing.  The squirrels are running around frantically and there are even new little goslings in the park.  Time to break out of the box a bit, or into it.  Come and join us for another zoom ritual!!

Celebrate Macha
Irish Goddess of War, Protection
Fertility & Sovereignty

Thursday, May 7th, 2020 ~ 7:30 PM
Full Moon in Scorpio

Virtual ritual – location everywhere
$25 exchange ~ no refunds

Macha is an ancient Irish Goddess that has long been associated with Female sovereignty and power.  It is said that Her hair flows long and red and to be like the fire of the Sun.  She is a mother of twins and so a fierce guardian of women and children, especially during pregnancy and birth.  Her name also means “plain” in that She cleared the fertile land so that Her people could sow the oats and grains.  Her mound/Fort Emain Macha (Macha’s twins) still stands as a sacred site in Northern Ireland in Ulster.   The plains that She cleared for Her people surround it.  She has 2 sisters and together they form “the three Morrigna” ~ Macha “Raven”, Badb “Scale Crow” and Nemain “Battle Fury” that would transform into ravens and crows to fly over the battlefields.  Strength, passion, Female power, sovereignty, fertility of the Earth, prophecy, Mother.  We are Her daughters; we call to Her.  Together we call for strength, for protection, and for sovereignty.

For this ritual, please wear something red, a candle in a glass jar (red would be good but whatever is handy).  There are a few things to gather that I’m sure you’ll find around nearby.  Please find 5 smooth stones that you can write on (the size of a quarter is good if possible), a piece of cloth about 4-5 inches square, a short piece of cord, and a sharpie.  In order to provide a safe container for this ritual, please find a quiet and secluded place in wherever you are sheltering.

If you are interested, please contact Kahuna Leilani as soon as you can.  Please send in your $25 exchange to Kahuna Leilani.  The paypal link is on the right.   After receipt of the exchange we will send you the link and instructions to join in.  The exchange is for supporting your Global Goddess community during this time and is not refundable for that reason.

Daughters of the Goddess is a Dianic Womyn-only Goddess Temple dedicated in the Spirit of Aloha, to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of Goddess Culture, public ceremony, ritual and Womyn’s Mysteries.