2020 May Day-Haumea

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess;

Earlier this month we sat at our screens and celebrated Macha.  Seeing everyone’s beautiful faces was so sweet and magickal.  Now we are gathering to celebrate Lei Day and HaumeaAs The cool breeze has been whispering messages of compassion and love in our ears, listen to what She is saying.  Think of the flowers and leaves that are dancing.  Visualize gratitude for their growth and life as you prepare to make a Haku Lei.  There is a familiar Lei Day saying, “Make a lei, wear a lei, give a lei.” It’s the Hawaiian way of life.  Let us gather to honor the Hawaiian Earth Mother, Haumea, and share in the spirit of Aloha.

Celebrate Lei Day
& Haumea Hawaiian Earth Mother

Friday, May 22nd, 2020
New Moon in Gemini, Sun in Gemini
Please note ritual time is 12pm – 4pm

Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP
$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit

Haumea is the Hawaiian Earth Mother who birthed all of Her children from different parts of Her body.  She is called Papa, Papa-Haumea, and Papahanaumoku.  She is said to be the fire that sits within the volcano of the islands She created.  This Mother Goddess also has the ability to turn herself into anything She fathoms, even Her own daughter or granddaughter.  The Breadfruit Tree is another of Her forms, the fruit of which is a sacred food of Hawaiians.

In 1929 Lei Day became an official holiday in Hawaii.  A lei po’o, a lei worn on your head, often referred to as a haku lei, is given or worn as a symbol to celebrate life, especially for birthdays, graduations or anniversaries. Leis are a symbol of Aloha and a circle of love that has no end. They are an important representation of the Hawaiian Spirit and a special way to show our respect to the culture that is a huge part of our Temple.  During our ritual we will be making haku leis together, while enjoying Hawaiian music and our creativeness with all of our sisters.  We will take a walk to the park and sit to do our Haku leis, 6 feet apart and wearing our masks, together.  The sun will bless us by kissing our cheeks and the sacred land we gather upon will bask in the glory of Her daughters celebrating joyously.

In keeping with the Spirit of celebration it is also the time that we get to celebrate the birthday of our Kahuna.  She does so much for our community, Temple, and womyn.  Let’s shower her with love and gratitude.

For this ritual please bring two bunches of flowers for your own Haku Lei making.  Wear your masks, Hawaiian clothes, pareos, something flowery.  As well as the flowers, bring your own scissors and snack, and something to sit on.  We will have pre cut raffia for you, but if you prefer to bring your own please do.  Bring your Hawaiian word if you have one from a previous ritual.  For the altar please bring a candle in a glass novena, that is any color of the rainbow, and any symbols or pictures of Haumea.