2020 Vesta

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I hope you are managing your Shelter in Space time well.  I have started to call it ‘space’ because I feel like I’ve entered another vortex and am in another reality.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not good at all….downright ugly.  I am a super social person and a free spirit who loves to frolic the Earth and mingle with Her Children.  I took my Grandma Chong’s advice literally when she would say to me time and time again, “Make the World your Playground”.  What a blessing to have been giving such wisdom during those early formative years.

As we begin to Open Up and re-enter we can clearly see that what once was is no longer.  And we are now creating an entire New World together.  Blessings and Mahalos/ thanks to those that are no longer here…loved ones, beloved places we once loved to patron, and to those that are still here recovering and regrouping.  The task may seem challenging, but the possibilities are also endless.  Let’s join together energetically arm in arm, hand in hand and hip to hip.  As Goddess women and feminists, we know we will not be defeated and always rise up to how She is calling us.

Here I am creating playground and prayground time in new and different ways.  We are having a variety of options available in Daughters of the Goddessland for you to choose from.  We are doing some small in person rituals with hand sanitizer, masks, and lots of outdoor time as well as virtual ones.  Our next ritual will be a virtual one with no size limit while the Summer Solstice ritual will be in person and limited to the first 10 women who RSVP.  Please don’t show up sick!  Summer Solstice info will be sent out in two weeks.

The Vestal Virgin ritual next Thursday will be a special time to join our Sacred Flame Tending Team.  Each woman is assigned days that are tended with a candle to stay connected with our Temple/DG and the community.  This is also a way to reaffirm your Temple Flame–so if you have one please attend this virtual ritual or at least check in with me if you can’t.  I’ve been enjoying seeing our sisters from afar on virtual land, so this has brought us together in new and special ways!  You’ll want to have a white or red candle for this ritual and please wear white or red clothes.  Read this notice for more info on Her and participation.

When we emerge from our spaces, we want to make sure the things we care about are still intact.  As is said in one of  the chants we sing time and time again, We are the Change, We are the ones She’s been waiting for and We are dawning…As She-Sun reaches Her zenith this time of year in the North, please be someone who keeps our Daughters of the Goddess Temple thriving.  Emerge, break your confinement and silence and speak up for what you care about.  You are the change that makes our Goddess spiritual tradition a lasting one.  Support your local Goddess communities.  Many Mahalo for reading this….

Kahuna Leilani

Celebrate Vesta
Roman Goddess of Home & Hearth
Family Ceremonies & Temple Sacred Flame
Thursday, June 4th, 2020 ~ 7:30pm

Virtual ritual – location everywhere
$25 exchange ~ no refunds

Goddess of the hearth fire, and the heart of the home, Vesta presides over the well-being of families, or communities, that live under one roof.  She represents the warmth of material shelter as well as the warmth of human company people gather together. Vesta is invoked to keep harmony in a household or community, and to bring good fortune into the home.  Sacred to bakers and millers, Her animal is the ass/donkey as the animals were used in the grinding of the grain.  Vesta is a goddess represented by a burning pot of oil, a chevron with flame. She is Goddess expressing herself as fire.  Vesta is a Goddess of our Temple Sacred Flames and thru Her we are keeping the flames lit in our temple hearth/hearts.

The Temple of Vesta was located in the southwest corner of the Roman Forum.  Within this temple lived the Vestal Virgins.  Their most important job was to maintain the fire in the public hearth of the temple.  It is from this public hearth that all of the fires were lit in all the homes from grandest to the most humble, and all of the government buildings.   It was said that disaster would strike Rome if the fire ever went out.  The Vestals were chosen between the ages of six and ten and served for thirty years, ten as students, ten in service, and ten as teachers.  For over 1000 years the fires of Vesta burned until 394 when the temple was closed when the Christian emperor Theodosius took over and prohibited the worship and the flames were extinguished.  Come and join us as we light our temple hearth flames and connect with Her hearth in our hearts.  

This online Ritual, led by Daughters of the Goddess Priestesses, is intended for uplifting womyn through the power of spiritual community. The exchange is used for supporting your Temple and community during this time, and so your donation is final and is not refundable. Also, your exchange may not be redeemed, nor may it be applied towards any other service, class, or offering. Thanks for your positive interest and participation in Daughters of the Goddess Online ritual community.  We hope to see you in person soon.