2020 Spring – Ohu-Tu-Moua

The weather is changing and the plants are beginning to sprout.  Soon the flowers will be in full bloom full of beautiful colors. Earlier dawns and later sunsets are approaching.  Join us as we gather to Celebrate one of our High Holidays, Spring Equinox and ‘Ohu-Tu-Moua Tahitian Goddess of Earth & Nature.

Celebrate Spring Equinox
& ‘Ohu-Tu-Moua Tahitian Goddess
of Earth & Nature

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 ~ 7:30PM
Waning Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces

Concord Locale/Directions Given Upon RSVP
$30 per ritual/$15 first time visit
See Website for Series Packages

Spring Equinox is when the amount of daylight and nighttime are equal.  The sunlight hours are starting to increase and morning will arrive earlier.  We’Moon says this is the time for holy equality. This is also a time for fertility and preparing your gardens to grow.  It’s a moment in time for us to gather together and work on how to replenish the Earth when others are devastating Her.

‘Ohu-Tu-Moua is the Tahitian Goddess of Earth, Nature, and Time.  She is considered an Earth Mother and insures the return of Spring.  Her parents were Tefatu, the Earth God or Lord of the Heavens and Ancestors. and Fa’ahotu, the Goddess of Creation or Mother Goddess.

We will gather to celebrate the balance of light and dark, as the sun begins her debut of shining longer and the return of new beginnings approaches.  The seasons are changing as the time for renewal and rebirth approaches us. All that you planted in the Fall and Winter is starting to peek out and sprout.  Let us gather together in our community to share in our love and gratitude for the Earth.

For the altar please bring any Spring colored candle, items or images of what you planted and are waiting to grow, and any images of ‘Ohu-Tu-Moua.

Please  see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.