2021 Califia

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

You called out for a zoom to Califia and I am responding!  We are adding another ritual to Califia via zoom on Monday eve/January 18th.  Please see details below.  It might not be obvious that the State of California is named after the Great Califia.  I have to say that I am proud to be a resident of California for the last 30 years and the way Her politics are often on the cutting edge of the US.  The state has gone through so many changes along with most of Turtle Island.  We bring forth the power of our Latina, Espana and Native ancestresses of Califia.  Womyn of all colors gathered here long before the inception of the US.

As we celebrated the return of the Sun on the Winter Solstice with Grandmother Spider Woman we now turn to our Amazonian Foremother Califia to give us strength and courage.  We call the Foremothers of Turtle Island, Africa, Polynesia, the Southern Hemisphere and beyond to join together to proclaim our strength as womyn of conviction, truth and courage.  Stand proudly and stand tall as the Oaks and the Mighty Redwoods of the Land/Aina at the edge of the Western part of North America.  We are able to survive great fires, earthquakes and elected the Mighty Kamala Harris to be our Senator.  The amazing Barbara Lee is in Congress and have to shout out to Nancy Pelosi.  Yes! Can you feel your power!  Can you feel Her within your blood, your bones, your cells, your teeth and your hair.  Rise up, call Her name and be here now!  Bring the name of the power womyn in your lineage as well as someone who has inspired you politically.  If you have a pic of her that would be great.

The Goddess is giving us signs that the beauty is being restored to the Earth.  Through all the chaos and all the murkiness we are rising up through the ashes like the Phoenix and shining brighter than before.  Throw off your bed covers, cast off depression and anxiety!  It is time to stand in our power as womyn and set our intentions for the New Year.  Join us as we come together for our first Zoom ritual of 2021, to celebrate Califia.

Hail Califia
Amazon Warrior Queen
Black Empress of California

Monday, January 18, 2021
Zoom – 7 to 9 p.m. Pacific Time
Waxing Moon in Aries, Sun in Capricorn

$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit

The most powerful womyn in Herstory are often seen as fictional or fantasy.  Patriarchy has tried and tried to remove our stories of strength, bravery, and perseverance, but we continue to rise.  We will not be silenced, nor written off.  Queen Califia reminds us to stand up and join our forces.

She is an Amazon and was said to be the most beautiful womyn.  Califia had black skin, robust, large, strong, long black hair, eyes of gold, and was a leader of womyn warriors.  They had beautiful weapons made out of gold and not only were the womyn dressed in gold, but so were their horses that they rode upon.  She was different from most “American womyn”, as Her skin was as dark as Her hair and not blue eyed or blonde.

Califia was a Black Amazon Queen that came to California before it was named after Her.  Because of Her skin color and power, She was written off as a made up story by a Spanish writer named Garcia Rodriguez de Montalvo.  It is also said She is a pagan who came to rid the land of Christianity.

We have our first womyn of color as Vice President in the United States, Kamala Harris, who is a symbol of hope for so many.  Califia also reminds us that the fight for justice is not over and we need to continue to come together, especially as womyn, and join our Amazon forces to rise up to the patriarchy.  We are full of strength and can do anything we put our minds to.  Now more than ever, we must stand in our power so we can be strong enough to help heal the world. Hail to Her!

For the altar, please bring any images of Her, a gold or red candle in a glass container, a drum or rattle, a sword, athame, wand or other magickal tool, and anything that reminds you to stand firm and true as a womyn and/or a witch.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.