2021 Fall Aranyani

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

As we move toward Fall and that moment of balance, I have found myself, as I usually do, looking up to the trees.  They speak of the wind and their branches swaying, of seasonal cycles in the changing colors of their leaves, house so many varieties of beings.  And they give us the air that we breath.  And what a beautiful time of Harvest with all of the fruits and veggies: apples, berries of various varieties, nectarines and juicy pears, tomatoes aplenty.  Squash spread out along the ground, artichokes reach toward the Sun.  What an amazing Mother we have.  Join us in our Fall celebration of Harvest, and our guardianship of the forests, trees, and jungles.

Celebrate Fall Equinox &
Aranyani Hindu Goddess of the Forest

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021
In Person ~ 7pm – 10 pm
Moon in Aries, Sun in Virgo

Concord/Directions given upon RSVP
$25 one time exchange / $15 newcomers

Fall Equinox is the Witches Thanksgiving.  The second of 3 Harvest festivals it is a celebration of the Harvest, a time of abundance of the Earth.  The fruits and grains are gathered, and feasting abounds.  It is also a time of balance where light and dark are balance of an equal length of day & night.  From this point forward we prepare for our journey towards the darker times and Winter Solstice.

Aranyani is the Hindu goddess of the woods, the forest and the animals that live within them.  She is a representation of the highest expression of life and fertility and has been worshipped in India for centuries.  Aranyani is the protectress and guardian of these sacred spaces and the animals and creatures living there.  She is the Mother of all.  Aranyani is described as elusive and fond of the quiet glades in the jungles, She is fearless of the remote places.  Rarely seen She is the sounds of the trees, especially as dusk.  One often hears the tinkling sounds of Her anklets with bells as She dances all the time. There have been no temples found for Her as Her temple is the forest and jungles itself.

At this time of balance, we come together to celebrate our Witches Thanksgiving and the abundance of this beautiful area in which we live.  To honor and appreciate the gifts of our Mother, and our responsibility to take action to protect Her for ourselves and those to come.

For the altar, please bring a candle of Fall colors, something from the Harvest available in our area (farmers markets are a good place to do this), and 3 one dollar bills to tithe to saving rain forest/forests.

If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation information.