2021 Oracle zoom


Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

Let’s now dive deep and divine for the future . . . . Oracular Priestesses of old have always seen into the future and answered questions to receive insight and clarity on the unfolding path.  Bring your cards, scrying mirrors, crystal balls, pendulums, divining tools and magickal stones as we have an evening of delving deeply and prophesizing for the futures.  Calling Seers and guides of the mystery to gather.  As the Oracle at Delphi, the Heiaus of Hawai’i, and the Mayan Temples, we gather in our own Oracular Shrine space to open to Her messages. Maiden, Mothers, Queens, Crones and Amazons, come to us, come to us, come to us…Be Here Now!


Celebrate the Oracular Goddesses and Her wisdom

Monday, June 28, 2021, 7 to 9 p.m.
Zoom Ritual
Moon in Pisces, Sun in Cancer

$15 newcomers/$25 exchange for ongoing supporters

Due to the nature of this ritual being in a very protected space for the optimum secure magickal space, details will be given upon RSVP of this very special invitation and evening.

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The online Ritual led by Daughters of the Goddess Priestesses is intended for uplifting females through the power of spiritual community. The exchange is used for supporting your Temple and community and so your donation is final and is not refundable. Also, your donation may not be redeemed, nor may it be applied towards any other service, class, or offering. Thanks for your positive interest and participation in Daughters of the Goddess Online ritual community.