2021 Sedna

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

The last time we gathered we sat around an altar lit with Laksmi’s light and love.  The sisters danced and sang as we prepared for the money pouring ritual that was taught to us by Cheif Luisah Teish.  It was such a fun and beautiful night that felt so ancient and pure.  As the Winter is approaching let us call on Sedna, the Mother of the Deep Ocean, to guide us out of the darkness.

Celebrate Sedna,
Inuit Mother of the Deep Sea and
Animals of the Arctic Ocean

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 ~ 7 pm
Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius

Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP
$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit

Sedna, the Mother Goddess of the Underworld of the Sea and Marine Animals is calling to you.  From Her finger’s seals, whales, fish and other sea mammals were created.  One of the ways she was appeased is that an Inuit man or a Shaman would go down into the ocean, find Her, massage Her sore limbs and comb Her hair.  They will do this for Sedna until She is comforted and then She sends them home with food, if she is unhappy with them, they go home without and starve.  She is a provider of nourishment for your body and spirit as long as you respect and love within.

Sedna is known by other names around the world as:  Ai-Willi-Ay-O or Aiviliajog; Kannakapfaluk, Arnakapfaluk – Big Bad Woman of the Copper Inuit; Idiragijenget for the Central Inuit; Ikalu nappa in Her form as half-woman, half-fish; Siberia- Meghetaghna; Labrador-Nerchevik; and Nerrivik (‘Food Dish’) or Nivikkaa – Woman Thrown Backward Over The Edge, in Greenland.  Uiniyumayuituq or Unigumisuitok – The One Who Did Not Want a Husband Sanna, Nuliajuq, and Arnarquagssaq.

Sedna is a Queen that reminds us of our worth, that we are deserving of love.  She wants you to look within as far as you can go and feel what needs your attention to change.  Sedna asks you to look within the shadows of our self that we fear and search for your true beauty and desires.  She helps you to see that you are strong enough to demand the respect womyn deserve.  We are not just something to look at, but we are to be revered.  She is a Dark Goddess, which reminds us that this energy and magick is not negative or bad, just deep and is a balance to the light.

We will be doing some mirror work, so please be prepared to go within and find Her in you.  Will you join us on the journey to the bottom of the Ocean to call on Sedna?

For the altar please bring a comb, a mirror, any images of Her or Her animals and a candle the color of the ocean.

Please see our participation page for information on attending our rituals.