2021 Spring-Eostre

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess;

Bunnies are starting to emerge and beginning their fertility rituals.  The daylight will last longer as we move into the Spring.  Sprouts are beginning to show their green leaves, and some are even blooming. Others are just being planted to be ready for the Fall Harvest.  The sun is shining brighter and warmer, do you feel Her kiss on your shoulders or your cheeks?  Join us as we celebrate Eostre, the Germanic

Celebrate Eostre
Goddess of Spring and Dawn
Germanic Goddess of Spring and Dawn

Sunday, March 28th, 2021 7-9:30 pm
Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries
Zoom Ritual

$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit

It’s a time for rebirth and new beginnings.  Your seeds that were planted are starting to grow into all that you wished and wanted.  As the weather is getting warmer it’s time for a reawakening and renewal.  After all, Spring is considered the dawn of the year.

Eostre is the Germanic Goddess of Spring and Dawn.   Other spellings of Her name include Ostara and Eastre.  It is believed that is where the Christians got the word, Easter, from.  She is a young Maiden who is old enough to bare children but not quite old enough to be considered a Mother.  Eostre wears many flowers on her head and clothing and loves to dance.  She is very happy and full of light but can easily turn solemn like the Spring weather turns from sunny to rain.

It’s been a year that we have had to take precautions to stay safe and healthy.  With the vaccine, we are hoping for a reemergence and freedom to gather with those that we have missed.  We have lived in fear for what seems like forever, now is the time to burst out into the light and start to grow and use the tools you learned while sheltering in place.  Have you learned a new skill?  Share it, now the Goddess is calling for you!

For the ritual, please have an altar set with Spring and Eostre in mind.  On the altar have an egg, a marker/sharpie, flowers/plant/greenery, a green or yellow candle, any images of Her, and seeds or gardening tools.  Also, please have a journal or paper and a writing utensil.  We will plant our virtual gardens together and dance in the energy of Spring!

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