2021 Yemaya


Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

We called upon Hina, Hawaiian Moon Goddess to help us delve into the Moon and align with Her cycles and magick.  Now it is time to journey to the ocean and feel a warm embrace from Yoruban Goddess, Yemaya.  Mama will hold you while you laugh and cry, as long as you come to Her for guidance.  Will you take the healing journey with us to the sea?

Celebrate Yemaya
Yoruban Goddess of the Ocean with
our Annual Pilgrimage to the Sea

Sunday, September 5th, 2021
11 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.
Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo

San Francisco locale/Directions given upon RSVP
$25 one time exchange / $15 newcomers

Yemaya, the Yoruban Mother Goddess of the Sea, is celebrated and known all over the world by many different names: Agwe of Haiti, Imanje or Yemanje of Brazil, Yemaya of Nigeria, the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception), Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), Our Lady of Regla.  As all life is said to have begun in the Sea, Yemaya is the Mother of us all.  She is a gorgeous, voluptuous mermaid that always has Her arms open to embrace you and ears open to hear your cries.  Her heart is pure and full of love, while Her magick is strong and beautiful.

Yemaya, is there to help you birth all that you want, as long as you come to Her and ask.  She wears pearls, cowrie shells, and peacock feathers.  During this time of questioning what is happening in the world, let us ask Her for health and strength.  Let us taste Her salty kisses upon our faces as we are blessed with Her presence to keep us grounded.  Yemaya will hold us and give us comfort in times of need.  Yemaya teaches us that just as Her waves flow in and out that we too, should go with the ebbs and flows of our changing lives with Her beauty and grace.

Yemaya’s colors are blue, silver, and white.  Her number is seven and She wears a dress with that number of skirts which represents the Seven Seas. Sacred to Her are peacocks, with their beautiful blue-green iridescent feathers, and ducks with highlights of rainbows.  Please wear blue, bring something representative of the Sea for the altar, any mermaid images and a blue candle. She loves offerings of pound cake, watermelon, flowers, and seashells.

This is our Temple’s Annual pilgrimage to pray at the shores of the Pacific Ocean for Yemaya’s Blessing and to give gratitude amidst all the chaos to Her for what we have received in this last year.  We will be meeting at the beach so please bring what you need to be comfortable: a mask, gloves (if you want), hand sanitizer, something to sit on like a blanket or a chair, sunscreen, hat, etc.  The weather is very unpredictable so please bring layers. We also spend time at the Ocean so you might want to bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit and a towel or pareo.

Join us at the ocean for a full day of Magick and let Her waves cleanse your body as you prepare to open yourself to the mysteries of the water guiding you to new opportunities.

Please see our participation page for more information on attending our ceremonies.