Celebrate Juno Martiallis

Daughters of the Goddess

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

We are now in the light of Spring and ready to plant in our magickal gardens.  What are you asking to grow?  What new beginnings await you?  Let Juno guide us and all womyn back home to Her lap so that we can fertilize what needs to come to fruition in the coming months.

Celebrate Juno Martialis
Roman Goddess of womyn,childbirth, marriage, and war

Monday, March 7, 2022 ~ 7 pm
Waxing Moon in Taurus, Sun in Pisces
Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP
$30 per ritual/$15 first time visit

Juno Martialis, Roman Goddess of womyn, childbirth, marriage, and war.  Martialis means, “of or belonging to Mars”, or “warlike”.  She is the “Juno of March” and has a festival dedicated to Her on March 7.  She is also celebrated on March 1st at the annual festival of the Matronaila.  Both festivals are days of dedication to Her Temple.

She is regal and is often referred to as a Queen Mother.  Juno holds many things and facets. A Goddess of many and/or all.  She is involved in civic affairs doing queenly duties, not just sitting at home being worshiped.  Juno is hands on in the most graceful of ways.  Juno is also a protrectress of all womyn, especially when you are born and giving birth.  She is the soul of womyn, our guardian.  This has been lost and not something we are taught in the modern days, but She is with us, She is the Mother, throughout our entire lives.

Barbara Walker states: “Every Roman woman embodied a bit of Goddess’s spirit, Her own soul a juno, corresponding to the genius of man.  Later patriarchal vocabularies dropped the word juno but retained genius, thus depriving women of their souls — which may be why church councils of the early Middle Ages sometimes maintained that women are soulless.  As a battle-Goddess She represented the fighting spirit of a mother defending Her offspring, the epitome of bravery by Roman definition.”

Come to the altar and celebrate one of our Temple’s Sacred Flames, Juno.  We started lighting Her flame on June 3, 2003 and have continued to keep it lit for 19 years.  She has helped us with our partnership with aligning our devotional paths with the Goddess.

In honor of Juno and Her generous spirit for womyn and the Waxing Moon in Taurus, please bring a small gift wrapped in white paper to participate in a gift exchange like the one that is done at Her festival.

Please bring for the altar any images of Her, figs, pomegranates, peacocks, geese, goats, Irises, silver, and a white candle in a glass jar.  If you are a flame tender please bring your candle along to charge it up for the year.

If you are interested in particpating in the ritual check our particpation page!


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