Arise with Morrigan as we enter the season of Lammas

Daughters of the Goddess

Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I’m sitting at my computer, breaking occasionally, to look out into the sunny bright day. Loving the light and warmth, and yet, and yet the dark times are coming. In so many ways. It is time to, as our elder Chief Luisah Teish said, “Don’t Panic, Prepare!” And who better to call on than Morrigan to prepare us for the battle that has been waged.

Arise with Morrigan
as we enter the season of Lammas

Irish Goddess of War, Magic, Phantom Queen
Mother/Guardian, Sovereignty

Zoom Ritual
Monday, August 8th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Pacific time
Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Leo

$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit
Link and information sent on RSVP

The times are strange that we are in, and yet so familiar in some ways. One thing is true, the only change that is going to happen is when women stand up and have a voice. Come together regardless of our differences, black/white/red/yellow, gay/straight, xtian/pagan, whatever . . . .it is the power of the female/feminine that will steer our collective boat thru the storm. It is time to speak up and speak out against the ones in power who will take us down. Being silent is no longer an option. The call to action has come out, and we must rise.

Morrigan is an Irish Goddess. She is often referred to as “the Morrigan” which is a triad of Goddesses, or as maiden/mother/crone. Morrigan is connected with the land, and especially to livestock. She is the protector and guardian of the people and the territory. And in this respect She is most often seen as a Goddess of War who incites warriors into battle, encourages brave deeds, and can help to bring about victory over enemies. It is said that She would appear flying over the battlefield, Her call would either inspire fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors. Her voice is a huge part of Her power. She is the Phantom Queen and we call to Her now. To find our voices, embrace them, come together in a choir of female power.

For this ritual please create an altar for yourself with a white candle, any images or aspects of Morrigan, raven, crow, black horse or black dog. Have a writing instrument and paper to write on. And the name and contact information of an organization or movement that you want to add your voice to.

The online Ritual led by Daughters of the Goddess Priestesses is intended for uplifting womyn through the power of spiritual community. The exchange is used for supporting your Temple and community during this time and so your donation is final and is not refundable. Also, your donation may not be redeemed, nor may it be applied towards any other service, class, or offering. Thanks for your positive interest and participation in Daughters of the Goddess Online ritual community. We hope to see you in person soon

If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation page, Mahalo!




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