Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

All rise and hail to Queen Juno Regina. As the days lengthen and we move towards Summers’ zenith, come forth to receive the mighty blessing of our Protectress Juno. Who hasn’t had issues with marriage, relationship, lovers, and all that it entails. Receive Her loving embrace and surround yourself with the magick of Her peacock feathers.

Celebrate Queen Juno Regina

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 ~ 7 to 9:45 p.m.
Waning Moon in Capricorn

$25 exchange/$15 first time newcomers
Directions given upon registration

Take a seat at Her Altar and receive the peace of mind that you are not alone. Shrouded in stories of relationship dynamics Juno is the Goddess of Justice in Marriage, relationships, and state affairs. Her domain is finances especially in marriage, so husbands and ex-husbands/partners offer money up to Her women as an act of worship and honor to Her Temples. Mahalo/thanks and hail to Juno Moneta.

Are you looking to strengthen your marriage, get married, find a partner, heal a past relationship or find justice in a relationship or marriage that is not working? Juno’s loving and caring blessings are to be bestowed upon you at this ritual. She stands in Her goat skinned cape and goat skinned shield on this Capricorn Moon to heal and help us.

Receive a Sacred Flame candle at the ritual if you feel called to continue to hold her magick and light as Juno Lucina in your life, work, hearth and home. If you are reading this you are being summoned by Her…hear the call and come to Her altar. Step more deeply into your power.

Please bring symbols of Her to the altar: peacock feathers, goat imagery, goose, pomegranate, money, figs. Dress in your Queenly finest!

If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation page.   Mahalo


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