Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

A special Fall ceremony balancing the dark and light for Maui.

Maui Fall prayers & Hawaiian Goddess Kihawahine
Mo’o Guardian of the Sacred Waters of Maui

Wednesday ~ September 20th, 2023
7:00 p.m. (PST) In-person & Zoom
Moon in Sagittarius

Concord Locale/Directions and/or link
given upon RSVP

$25 one-time exchange / $15 newcomers

We have made several sacred pilgrimages to Hawai’i. To bring womyn there, learn about the people, the land and the history, the Aloha path. In the process I would make an earlier journey to check in with the land/aina and the elders/kupunas for their wisdom and approval. In 2018 we, Priestess Patrice and I, made a journey to Maui to visit my family land and to go thru Lahaina to connect with the history there. I introduced her to Moku’ula Island, which is in Lahaina, which served as home to Maui chiefs and Hawaiian royalty dating back to the 16th century. Kihawahine is the Goddess who presided over the sacred land. Kihawahine played a central role in the creation of everything from the living world itself, to the governmental Kingdom of Hawai’i. Ceremonies for this Goddess took place at the most sacred heiau in the islands. The highest women of state were known to bring offerings to Her at the Hale o Papa, or women’s heiau. When we arrived it was double fenced, the inside was covered with weeds, and litter surrounded the fences. The place was in total disrepair and was completely abandoned.

In the mid-1880s, German physician Eduard Arning was invited by King Kalakaua to study Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) in the Islands. While he was there he collected 500 objects, including a Kihawahine carving. “Before it ended up in Arning’s hands, the Kihawahine’s last known whereabouts was on the Hamakua coastline of Hawai’i Island, hidden in a covered hole alongside a human skull.” For decades there has been an effort to return this sacred statue to Hawai’i. With the fires that have destroyed Lahaina the effort to return Her statue has increased and requests for the return are coming from many places.

Kumu Akoni Akana was a native Hawaiian, and a Kumu Hula. I met him on an earlier journey to the aina with my halau. He spent much of his life teaching about, and fighting for, Hawai’i and Her people. For 20 Years Kumu Akana worked tirelessly to see this sacred and historic site resurrected. On a later pilgrimage, I learned of Kumu Akoni Akana’s untimely death and the Moku’ula site was still in need of help.

On the Daughters of the Goddess O’ahu Pilgrimage of 2010, Kahuna Happy Pahia named our group as the reverse missionaries, righting the wrongs and making pono/right the atrocities that have been done to Hawai’i Nei and Her people. I meet so many people that share their love of Hawai’i and how often they have visited there. Kahuna Pahia gave us this charge and many of us have become stewards of this mission. And Will you? In this circle we will share our stories of Maui, and Hawai’i, in sacred space. How are you holding the people of Hawai’i, especially the island of Maui? Will you stand with the Hawaiian people to preserve their sacred land and keep it for the Hawaiians. If you are a lover of Hawai’i, please bring your Courage, Strength, and stories to this altar. If you are going to zoom in set up your own altar. Bring/put any images of Mo’o/geckos, and wear red and/or gold. Be prepared to witness or receive this charge of the Native Hawaiians/Kanaka Maoli and stand in solidarity. Hoi ka Nani i Moku’ula, Hoi ka Nani i Lahaina ….. Return the Glory to Moku’ula! Return the Glory to Lahaina!

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If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation page.   Mahalo


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