Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

It has definitely been very cold for California this Winter. The chill is in the air, and the ice crystals are coating the roofs and cars as the Sun peaks over the mountains in the morning. For the last several nights the fog has crept in, spreading its mists, making halos around the lights on the street. Years ago, I was told that the fog is the mystery, and the mystery is the Goddess, makes me smile as She creeps in. We just celebrated Winter Solstice, the coming of the Sun, a time of change and transition. We move out of the darkness and into the light as we step into the unknown of the new year. Let us join together, celebrate the new and call in prosperity and abundance with a joyous, fun filled, money pouring ritual with Laksmi!.

Laksmi money pouring ceremony

Thursday, January 5th, 2023 ~ 7pm – 9:45pm
Full Moon in Cancer

Concord locale, directions given upon RSVP
$25 per ritual/$15 first time visit

We could all use some extra help when it comes to prosperity and abundance, in all of its forms. Financially, spiritually, in our families, community, and jobs. And what better way to pray for this than with a money pouring ritual. Chanting, singing, pouring, laughing, splashing together with our sisters with candles burning shining lights on the beautiful faces around the altar. We will ask for Laksmi, Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, grace, and beauty to add Her essence and love.

For this ritual, please bring a white candle (in a container), some change to put in the buckets, and a wide mouthed jar to gather the sacred waters. If you have any images of Laksmi, please bring them also. And don’t forget your wallets, credit cards, and checkbooks to put on the altar for extra blessings. Come and join us in this celebration of the new year, and call in all that you want, or need.

If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation page.   Mahalo


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