Aloha Daughters of the Goddess,

I’m super excited it’s Summer Solstice as well as the time of year when the Temple Plum tree is ripe and ready for the harvest.  Patrice makes lovely jams and preserves that we get to enjoy throughout the year.  The more helping hands the better so join in the fun.  Come and join us for our Summer Solstice Plum Harvest.

I also want to share that since the Summer has lots of fun things going on it tends to be a quieter time with attendance for us.  This is not the best outcome for our spiritual community so please take a look at the website to check out our Summer series dates and mark them down.  Your attendance and mindfulness are needed in order to make our service strong throughout the entire year.  We also have a Zoom ritual in August so I hope you can make that if you are not in the area.

Summer Solstice Harvest

Wednesday 6-19-24, 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Moon in Sagittarius

$25 exchange/$15 newcomer first timer
rsvp/register for directions

I love this time of year.  We begin to see the abundance of the Earth bursting forward at Summer Solstice.  With Summer Solstice being the longest day of the year, there is a lot of sunlight to warm things up.  So many yummy things are ready to pick: the lovely artichokes, avocados, black & blue-berries.  The beautiful yellow of the lemons can be seen all over in my area.  And, of course, the blessed Plum and Pluots are this time of year.  With the burst of hot weather last week, the plums on our tree are already starting to turn, and they are good sized .  The branches are so heavy and hanging so low that it is difficult to get thru the gate.  It should be a good harvest.

In Chinese philosophy, the plum tree’s blossom means the winter ending and a herald of Spring.  They blossom and vibrantly bloom in the winter chill.  Its blossoms symbolize perseverance, hope, and beauty surviving/thriving in adverse circumstances.  With the blooms come spring and its warmth, growth, and the promise of the harvests.  In Japanese tradition, the Plum is held as a protective charm against evil.  The tree is traditionally planted in the northeast of the garden, the direction which evil is believed to come.  Our tree sits right by the gate, so She is protecting the entryway.  Let us come together to celebrate our fecundity and that of our Mother Earth.

For the altar bring a candle, yellow or orange would be good for the season.  We will be decorating our temple broom so please bring some herbs/greens or flowers to tie on Her.  Any of the fruits or veggies too.  Hope to see you soon.


If you are interested in participating in our ritual please see our participation page.   Mahalo


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