Women Circle Sing and Hula!

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Sunday April 14th 2-4pm at Moonlight Farm!

In this session we are going to be graced with Kahuna Leilani who will facilitate Aloha Spirit through Hula.  We will take the opportunity to gather and collectively sing and move as we make beautiful music together.  This is a special musical and movement ritual for women guided by Linda Stonestreet and Kahuna Leilani.  No experience is required. No song sheets are needed. We will gather in a circle and let the music flow.  We are never sure what’s really going to emerge or who will attend.  This is improvisational music aka making stuff up circle. Sometimes silly, sometimes more nuanced, or irreverent, still, joyous, fun, or however we be. Using movement, sound and sometimes words, we collectively create rhythmic patterns and melodies bringing flow and depth to the experience. The purpose of this gathering is to elevate the spirit.

Linda Stonestreet is the founder of The Sing Project which seeks to seed circle singing groups in the San Francisco North bay for the purpose of re-building and strengthening community. She is a Singer-Songwriter with 40+ songs published.  Kahuna Leilani is a native Hawaiian Kahuna and High Priestess who brings ancient Hawaiian healing and Goddess wisdom to the community.  She brings forth teachings of the Aloha Spirit through Hula, Ceremony, Performance, Writing and Ritual.

Join us for this wonderful Women Circle Sing and Hula gathering!
Women Singers of all levels are welcome.
Please arrive without sniffles.

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